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August His & Hers Scents of the month – Scent Addict! | AD – GIFTED

You know, I love my subscriptions & scents so this is the perfect combo!

There’s something about having a treat arrive each month for you and an amazing way to try new things you wouldn’t normally try!

One of our favourites at the moment is Scent Addict! They deliver Scents straight to your door. This is a monthly subscription both myself and my husband are enjoying together!

We both love our fragrances and trying out new scents.

Scent Addict is perfect because you can try before you splurge on the full size. Scents smell different on everyone and they develop differently over time. Something that may smell lush in the shop or on someone else may not smell good on you and over time will change as the notes develop into the skin.

How it works!

Scent addict is just £12.00 a month, cancel any time. When you sign up, you get a travel optimiser. These are honestly amazing, you just twist and the spray head lifts out of the tube, then twist to close again.
Super handy and they hold 8ml of fragrance enough to last you 30days! What I also love about this, is once you have used all the fragrance in the tube, you can fill with your own scents from home. Perfect for handbags, gym kits, work bags, collage, travel etc
Scent addict off you an amazing deal, say if you were to choose a scent and fall in love with it and choose to buy the full size, they will actually give you £12.00 off the price of the fragrance meaning you got the scent to try for free!! How ace is that we love a good bargain.



If you’re like me and LOVE to have a luxury scent for special occasions. This is just perfect for you! Think wedding, holidays!

The website is super easy to use, scroll through the lists of scents and add them to your subscription list.

I love exploring different scents and trying out new ones we were kindly gifted 3 months to show and review for you.

For the month of August, we chose to go for two classics! Fragrances we have heard so many people rave and talk about,


His – Prada Luna Rossa Carbon
Hers – Viktor Rolf Flower Bomb

Let’s talk about his scent of the month!
Prada Luna Rossa Carbon

This scent reminds us of the Classic Dior savage but with a smoother tone. It is super strong but not overpowering which we love, with top notes of bergamot and pepper its one of those scents that smell differently as it goes through the layers, after about 15mins the main notes of lavender, floral, fresh and spicy scents come through with the base notes, one being Patchouli.

This fragrance has such longevity, it can last on my husband for 6-8 hours which is of course amazing. Such a versatile fragrance that can be worn all year, any season any environment.

This is one of those classic scents every Male needs in there collection and the sort you can buy for someone and not need to worry about it not suiting them!
Shop Full Size here

Her Scent of the month
Vicktor Rolf Flower bomb

Vicktor Rolf Flower bomb is another classic scent, everyone has heard of this beauty! It’s a super fresh sweet floral scent with notes such as Patchouli and citrus.

Its lasts sooo long on my skin and one of them that matures throughout the day. I love the base scent I’m left with. It clings to my clothes and can be smelt until I wash them. It’s one of those scents that suits anyone and everyone, probably why it’s so well known and loved by everyone!

I have been obsessing over it this month and sadly have used it all up!
I am 100% repurchasing the full size! If I was in a subscription, I could get £12.00 of the full size how good is that!

Shop Scent Addict Here 

What sent have you always wanted to try but worried about splurging and not loving?
Keep an eye out for next months Scent of the month! It’s a good one!

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