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Ammie-Ree Jewellery is this wonderful company from Brighton, creating and selling some of the most beautiful handmade jewellery pieces I have seen on the gram.
Ammie the lady behind Ammie-Ree Jewellery and these stunning creations is such a kind soul and made me the most perfect jewellery for me to wear and display in our house.

I chatted with Ammie about our family and the things that I struggled with in my self and family life. I explained I suffer from health anxiety, spoke about my health, worries and life stuff. She then went on to create the perfect pieces with crystals that have properties that will really help and benefit us.

I’m a believer of crystals and the powers they have but I don’t know a great deal, it’s something I’m really wanting to learn about more and my mum was super into It. For our wedding, we named the tables after precious stones. Amethyst was one of my mums’ favourites, they remind me of her so much, her engagement ring had amethysts in it, so I wear it on my right ring finger it reminds me of my mum.

Ammie-Ree Jewellery designed me a bracelet that would pair nicely with the ring and had special benefits. This stunning bracelet contains

Jewellery Bracelet
Black Onyx – is said to be able to help give you emotional and physical strength. Its meant to help you keep and maintain you energy and stamina which being someone with a lot of health problems that drain me, this would be super beneficial to me. It can help transform negative energy.

Blue Goldstone – is known to have healing abilities and helps deflect any unwanted energy.

It is a stunning synthetic crystal that is a dark blue with flecks of copper running through it. Looking like the stars in the night sky.

Sodalite – is known to have a calming energy that will help you clear your mind and concentrate, something that I tend to struggle with especially working from home around the boys. It helps you focus on tasks that may be overwhelming to you and helps quieten your mind clearing all distractions. Sodalite pairs so lovely with the amethyst in my ring.


I have been wearing my bracelet for a few weeks now and have noticed a difference in my concentration, I feel like I can make sense of the things I need to get done. I’ve been so productive with the blog and posting a lot more the Instagram so that super positive!

Ammie spoke to me about some window jewellery that could help with family life, I suffer badly with healthy anxiety’s and worry about us getting poorly. If you know me you know I’m a germ freak and if your sick you know to stay as far away from me as possible. Its something that affects me every day, I just wish our immune systems were top-notch always!

Sadly I do have such a low immune system don’t to other health problems all these things I spoke to Ammiee about so she could create us the perfect piece of jewellery to hang in our window

Window Jewellery

Window Jewellery

Ammie-Ree Jewellery Window Jewellery – Top to bottom,
Blue lace Agate – is known to help relax and calm you with its soft and gentle energy. Its energy helps to soothe and relax emotions taking away your worries and calm your nervous system. Something I defiantly need! Holding it in your hands can help calm down your anxiety making you feel supported.

Blue lace Agate

African Turquoise – is known to help with healing and protection. It’s meant to boost the immune system something we all need. It’s supportive and uplifting and helps people who suffer from anxiety, depression and panic attacks. It helps make you feel uplifted.

African Turquoise
Sodalite – same as above. But as a family, it would be great to have a bit of calm over our house. Constant whirlwind and chaos.

Lapis Lazuline – this is known to help with so many things I struggle with. Is known to help with pains, and inflammation something I suffer with badly. Soothe headaches and migraines. Again, nearly every day I have some sort of headache. Migraines I have occasionally but they’re the sort that wipes me out completely. I’m super excited to see the long-term benefits of having this hanging in my house.

Lapis Lazuline

4 clear quartz Ammie was so lovely to put 4 clear quartz hanging at the bottom of the window jewellery. Each quartz represents a member of the family, this is known to help detox and encourage cell regeneration and help with fatigue. Doesn’t every parent want to feel less tired!


The hanging jewellery is so well made and has beautiful copper wire holding it all together which you guys know is a bit of me!

I’m sure you would agree it looks so pretty. It gives me a sense of comfort being in the window, and when I’m feeling pants, I look to it.

A huge huge thank you!

Thank you to Ammie for designing these wonderful pieces for me, it means so much that it’s tailored to just what myself and the family needs.
Check out her Instagram here

She sells through Esty and I have been eyeing up this stunning copper cuff have a look here and tell me if you have ever seen a more me piece of jewellery!

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*This was a sponsored post but all views and opinions were my own and not influenced in any way. Please be aware, Crystals are used for spiritual guidance and shouldn’t be used instead of seeking advice from a health professional. *

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