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Getting pampered this August! | AD – GIFTED

I don’t know about you but I love getting myself ready for the season and getting pampered!
I know our summer has been a little short and random this year and it’s deflating but we can still pamper ourselves this month, you never know the weather could change, im still rocking my skirts and flipflops, i will not be defeated!

Pampered Hands & Feet!

Nails are massive for me, if my hands don’t look nice, I instantly feel pants. Same goes for my toes when I have a fresh Mani-Pedi I feel like new women. Cheesy I know but it’s the little things! Such a good way to feel Pampered in your own home.

Kiss Impress Nails

I will always love and obsesses over Kiss impress nails and Pedis, they are perfect for every occasion. The number of different designs they have is crazy, loads of shapes, styles glitters the lot! They last a long time on and look like you have been to a salon when you have just done them on the go or the comfort of your home. I get so many lovely compliments when I’m wearing these. They come with everything you need and loads of different sizes meaning there will be plenty.

The toes are crazy good like I have to pull them off as they have been on too long. I like to give my nails a day or so break after 2 weeks of wear. I love the sets because you can get multiple uses out of the nails. They are super affordable and places like Superdrug have sales and discounts on regularly. These will always be my go-to, I speak about them so much on here!
Shop kiss Nails & Toes Here

Kiss Impress Nails

Kiss Lashes

Kiss also do the best lashes, my favourite being Chiffon. The band are super flexible you can get tones of use out of each strip. They’re not heavy and weigh your lashes down like some I have worn before but just sit on top perfect. If I wear a lash, I normally have eyeliner on. The new Kiss lash glue is perfect for me as it dry’s black and blends in with the eyeliner! Perfect combo!
Shop Kiss Lashes Here

Kiss Lashes

Hempz Beauty

Pamperd skin is the best sort! Keeping your skin looking fresh and glowy is important when you’re out all day especially if it’s hotter outside. I love the Hempz moisturiser it is a whipped texture which is super thick and luxurious. It has a lovely scent and doesn’t feel your skin feeling greasy. Love this and is one of my must-haves! Especially after shaving, feels so good on your legs!
Talking about shaving, how could I not mention my favourite Razor brand of all time, I will forever use this brand there incredible!
Shop Hempz Moisturiser Here

Hempz Triple Moisture
Friction-free shaving

I have spoken about many a time on here and their monthly subscription boxes, but you can now get their products in boots! How ace is that! Obviously, you don’t get the personalised handle like you do with their boxes online but you get 4 blades a handle, cover and travel case.
Perfect for a quick pick up. I honestly have never used a better brand. I don’t get razor bumps, I never cut myself and I’m left with the closest shave.
Shop Friction Free Shaving Here
Shop Friction Free Shaving at boots Here

Friciton Free Shaving


My Mask Time

My Mask Time do the best Sheet mask subscription boxes especially when you want to feel pampered, they handpick masks for you each month that help your skin depending on the time of year etc because its summer Julys pack is all about getting your skin glowing. This month I have the Glow Starter set and it comes with 4 face masks designed to get your skin looking healthy glowing from within. The masks are such good quality and have some amazing benefits, I love that there tailored to suit what the environment is doing. In autumn and winter there more hydrating and protecting you from the elements.
My Mask time is defiantly a must if you’re looking to seriously step up your skincare game!
Shop My Mask Time Here 

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My Mask Time - Pampered Skin


Oilixia – Australian Kakadu Plum Gummy Facial Cleanser

I have been using this cleanser to give me that fresh brightening look we all want! It’s a new style of product for me, I haven’t used a gel cleanser I this way before. There are a few ways you can use the Gummy Facial and the benefits are amazing! It contains all-natural ingredients one of them being a rich source of Vitamin C and we all know how good Vitamin C is for your skin and the brightening effects it has. Using this cleanser helps to give you hydrated smoother and brighter skin.

Oilixia Cleanser - Pampered Face

I love using luxury products to help get my face Pampered.  I have used this to remove my makeup, it has a gummy texture that grips to the skin to help lift off all the dirt. It advises to create a suction type effect to pull the makeup from your face. Then once water is added it turns milky ready for you to wash off.
I also love to use as a face mask, I just apply a thin layer over my face leave on for 5 – 10 mins massage in to help exfoliate then wash off. Perfect to do in the shower! Always leaves my skin feeling super clean and fresh but nourished! Also, it’s packed in a bio-plastic tube so great for the environment!
Shop Oilixia Here 

What are your essentials to getting yourself pampered? I would love to know!

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