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Travel essentials | What I took on holiday / packing tips

* Some items gifted, gifted items marked with *

As if I was on holiday over a month ago now!
That makes me feel so sad, take me back!! The summer school holidays have only just begun here in the UK. I know so many people jetting off soon for their trips and I’m feeling super jell!

I wanted to share with you some of my absolute must-have travel essentials!

* First up, this beautiful set from Danielle beauty!
Now, these were amazing for taking all my beauty products and keeping them safe.

The large pink clear case was perfect to hold all of my hair stuff, so my brushes, sprays, bobbles, grips, GHDs and Dyson dryer. Perfect shape and I love that it see-through so you can find things easily! I now use this bag to keep all my fake tans and mitts in.

The medium pink case was my makeup bag and it held so much stuff, head over to my highlights on Instagram to see what I’m talking about! I love that it opens like a lid rather than down the middle if that makes sense. It makes it so much easier for me to reach in and find what I’m looking for.

The smaller pink bag was perfect to hold my skincare in, it held everything I needed like cleanser, cotton pads etc.

The little creamy colour bag is the perfect size for tampons, pads, plasters and things you need to carry with you but only need a small case.
I love the designs they have!

Check them out here

Photo Credit – Danielle Creations 

* Impress Nails and Toes!

You know I am always raving about these!
They are amazing, the perfect things to take away with you on holiday!
My impress nails normally last me over a week, and my toes coming on 2 – 3 weeks, I literally had to pick them off!

Considering I was on the beach, in the sand on rocks and then switching to my timberlands for country walks I was shocked they stayed on so well. Keep an eye on my Instagram stories where I show and update my nails every time, I do them.

Read about them more here
Shop nails here

* Kit Stars Makeup brush set!
I have written a full blog post on these beauts that is going up soon, but they are honestly such amazing brushes and vegan too! They come with the handiest pouch to keep them all safe, once unzipped doubles up as a brush holder, when I go away, I normally have to borrow a glass from the kitchen but this is perfect. There’s plenty of room to add some more of your fave brushes too but I didn’t need any others, this set was everything I needed for my holiday.

Shop the set here


* Twist & Spritz
These will forever be top of our travel essentials. I’ve even got Luke obsessed with them.
Decanter your perfume or aftershave super easily into the spritz bottle and then just twist and spritz to use it! They’re so perfect for travelling or to keep in your handbag, gym bag, work bag. I have a couple now so just use a label maker to label them up with what perfume is inside. They’re super pretty and handy to keep. No more lugging large bottles around with you.

Shop Twist & Spritz Here


Plastic Pots
Poundland does the best pots for toiletries and products. They are circle and have 6 different sizes from a small right up to a large. I think Primark may also do them. These were handy for us to take hair products, primer and skincare as our pots are quite big. I still use them now around the house. My primer is a massive glass bottle so I have put some in a little pot to keep in my makeup drawer downstairs. Saves so much room and weight.


Packing Tips

* Always roll your clothes to saves space and prevent creasing

* Sperate shoes and wrap them in bags to spread the weight out around your case and stop them getting things dirty.

* Pack breakables in the middle of clothes for extra support and protection

* Place bubble wrap inside your compacts to help prevent them smashing

* Open toiletries and place a layer of cling film over them then add the lid again to stop spillages and leaking.

* If going abroad take one plug adaptor and then take a long extension lead. So, you can charge and use multiple things of one plug.

* If you are going on a plane and need to find your case once you have landed, decorate your case with washi tape or duct tape so you can easily spot it. My parents did this for us I remember as a kid looking for 4 cases with green and yellow stripes. Made collecting our bags a lot easier, we didn’t have to faff about looking at label tags.

*Pack tumble dryer sheets in between your clothes to help keep them fresh and smelling good.

I hope you found some of these ideas helpful, let me know if you’re going away this year I would love to know!



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