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Cohorted July Subscription box | AD – GIFTED

Hello beauts, super excited to be showing you another one of Cohorted Subscription box’s, did you see Junes Cohorted Box review? After receiving Junes, I was so excited to see what Julys contained. I have been blown away by all the products I’ve tried so far. They really are very special feel high-end and luxurious!
July’s box contains so products I am obsessed with already! They have slotted into my skincare routine.

Subscription Just £39.99 a month, cancel anytime

Box RRP: £147.50 | Buy £50.00 (£39.99 if subscribed the month of July)

Rose Water Calming Face Toner
You know I am super into my skincare; facial sprays are some of my favourites, I love to use them in the day to hydrate my face for a refreshing spritz as well as part of my skincare routine.
This Rosewater is so lush it’s super calming and hydrating for the skin and contains ingredients such as green tea, chamomile and witch hazel. Hyaluronic acid we all know is amazing for this skin and helps to give you a youthful complexion.
Herbal Dynamics Beauty – Rose Water Calming Face Toner RRP: £12.00


Volumizing and smoothing Rapid Lip Mask
One of the best lip products I have ever used! This stuff is amazing, you apply it over your lips and leave on for 3 – 5 mins. You feel a mild tingling feeling then you just wipe it off with a cloth. You instantly get fuller-looking lips that last for ages, I have used this before applying my lip product and had someone ask if I had lip fillers! It has clever ingredients that encourage your lips to retain moisture and promotes renewal.
Herbal Dynamics – Volumizing and smoothing Rapid Lip Mask RRP: £26.00


Flash Patch Wink & Kiss
These are lush products to use, such a treat for your eyes and skin. Wink is a soothing eye gel patch, place under your eyes to help rehydrate and calm tired eyes. They contain Caffeine and collagen, claiming you will look like you have had your full 8 hours sleep. Being individually wrapped they’re perfect for travelling! Kiss is a super hydrating lip gel patch witch soothers dry irritated lips and restores moister using ingredients such as green tea that also helps anti-Ageing.
Patchology – Flash Patch Wink & Kiss RRP: £10.00

Morning Revive Bath & Shower Oil
Perfect start to your morning, use these essential oils in the shower or the bath for a great way to kick start your day. Ingredients such as Grapefruit, rosemary and Juniper help to awaken your senses.
Aromatherapy Associates – Morning Revive Bath & Shower Oil 9ml RRP: £11.00


Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil
Use with the Revive Bath & Shower Oil for best results. The Breathe Bath & Shower Oil has ingredients such as Pine, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Essential Oils to help clear your body and mind, ease heaviness. This would be amazing for the cold winter month. You can apply a few drops to a tissue and breath in deeply for great results.
Aromatherapy Associates – Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil 9ml RRP: £11.00

Hydrating Glow Serum
Wow, if you know me you know I love a good Serum especially if its one with glowing benefits. This Serum is packed with botanical oils that are designed to help your skin by protecting is from ageing and improve elasticity while giving you a radiant glowing complexion. It has a firming effect on the skin and helps to rehydrate. Perfect for those with dry tired, dull-looking skin.
Jorgobe – Hydrating Glow Serum RRP: £40.00

Purifying Pink Clay Sheet Mask
I love a purifying sheet mask, nothing better than knowing your pores are having a deep cleanse. This helps to reduce the appearance of pores with the benefit of 3 different types of clay in a mess-free sheet.
OHK! – Purifying Pink Clay Sheet Mask RRP: £5.00


Pink Fizz T-Zone Bubble Mask
Fizzy Bubble masks are so fun to use and the perfect thing to have for a girly evening in. The bubbling helps to lift dirt and rubbish from your pores, cleansing and clearing dead skin cells. It claims to brighten and improve skin texter.
OHK! – Pink Fizz T-Zone Bubble Mask RRP: £3.50

Bali Balm – Lip Balm
Firstly, it comes in the nicest packing. This unisex lip balm feels rich and intense on the lips. It’s Vegan and 100% natural with ingredients such as plant oils high in antioxidants. It absorbs lovely into the lips and leaves them feeling hydrated and plump. I use this as part of my evening routine, sort of like an overnight lip mask. I wake with the softest lips.
Bali Balm – Lip Balm RRP: £20.00


Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment
This cleanser is amazing at removing makeup and dirt from your skin leaving it feeling clean and clear. It deeply cleanses your pores and unclogs them leaving your skin looking and feeling radiant and glowy. With ingredients such a hydrochloric acid it helps plump the skin making it look youthful and hydrated.
Perricone MD – Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment – 59ml RRP: £15.00


BDK Parfume – Tubereuse Imperiale Sample
Such a lush scent that takes you from day to night with keynotes of Tuberose, pink peppercorn, Sandalwood.


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Subscription Just £39.99 a month, cancel anytime

Box RRP: £147.50 | Buy £50.00 (£39.99 if subscribed the month of July)


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