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Getting Flip Flop Ready feet! | My Summer Pedi Routine!

*Some items gifted marked with * are gifted*

Tans out Sandals out, but are your feet flip flop ready?
I am not a huge fan of my feet; I have ex ballet dancer feet which means there misshapen and aren’t the prettiest! Cramming them into Point shoes from a young age wasn’t great for them, but hey I enjoyed it at the time.
I do love a good pair of sliders, sandals or flipflops!

I’m in my house a lot, so obviously, that means no shoes. I wear slippers some times but often just in my bare feet meaning there exposed to hard floors leaving them feeling dry, cracked and sore.

The products I love to use to get my feet ready for Summer!

* O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Foot Cream & O’Keeffe’s Exfoliating Moisturising foot cream
Both these products together are the power couple! They work amazingly and instantly relief sore feet making them look and feel softer! It has a lush refreshing smell and doesn’t leave your feet feeling greasy! It absorbs super quick and leaves them looking so much better!

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Scholl Velvet Smooth Electric Foot File
This little gadget I brought last year and it’s honestly so good, it helps to remove all the dead skin from your feet super quickly. I like to do this first before applying all the creams and moisturisers so it can help the creams absorb deep into my feet.
I won’t take a photo of mine as its looking pretty grim… here’s one from google.

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*  OPI Nail Lacquer
Good nail Lacquer for me is a must! I don’t enjoy painting my toes as its a faf and can be messy. I like to use good quality brands so I know they will last and not chip after a day or so.

This OPI Nail polish in the shade “No room for the blues” is the perfect summer colour! I wore this on my nails for a week and had a few people comment on the shade. It was very similar to one Molly-Mae wore on love island. Very on-trend and I love it!

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* Kiss Impress Toes
You know I’m a huge fan of the Impress Manicure so when I was asked to be sent the Impress Toes, I was so excited to try them out. These are honestly amazing, I wore a set on holiday and bearing in mind I was in and out of the sea, walking on sand, climbing rock pools, switching between Sliders and my Timberlands they lasted for weeks. I had to sit and pick them off in the end. So so impressed with how they lasted! I’ve worn this set now for over a week and a half and again they still look perfect! They look like I have had them do professionally.

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* Rubis Scissors Classic
Yes, your probably thinking scissors are scissors Saff but they do make such a difference when you have a decent pair. These are handcrafted swiss Scissors which have been perfectly designed with high precision blades to help cut your nails in the natural shape. They don’t rip or snag the nails like others with there perfect closure. If you’re a mum like me then you will know the struggle at trimming your children’s nails especially the feet. Job made so much easier with these! They come in this handy pouch too!

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Do you have any go-to products you love to use to help your feet?
Would love to know!


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