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DODO Pizza Coventry – The perfect night in | AD – GIFTED

Hey you!
We are finally back in our house after over 5 months of house renovations. It’s been hard and one thing we have missed the most is being able to chill out in front of our telly in the evenings.

While we have lived at my dad’s house, we have missed Game of thrones…. Yes, you heard that right we skipped out on the last serious holding out for our telly and home comforts.

We also feel majorly behind with love Island, one of our guilty pleasers.
What better way than to enjoy our first proper weekend back in the house, in front of the telly catching up on Love Island with a takeaway from a local Pizza place DODO Pizza Coventry.


We were very kindly gifted two medium pizzas for our evening from DODO Pizza Coventry. Ordering was super easy on their website, the only challenging part was choosing what pizza we wanted, they had sooo many combos to choose from.

You could choose if you wanted the original or thin base. In the end, we opted for, Original Fiery BBQ for Luke and Original Chicken BBQ for myself and a side of their wedges. We had it delivered and the whole process was really quick and easy, just what you want and need when hungry!








On DODO Pizzas website they have an option to watch the kitchen live which I love, you can see them creating your order! Gives you a sense of trust.

When the pizzas arrived…. super fast I must add, it was hot and felt fresh out the oven! Presented well with the toppings evenly spread out around the pizza and the drizzle of sauces on top.
The portion, sizes were massive for medium pizzas, even Luke was surprised. The toppings all tasted fresh and full of flavour.


Not Edited

We had the BBQ bases which were amazing not overly sweet like some we have had before just perfect.
The pizza dough itself was just how we liked it, fresh and crispy but not hard.


* Writing this is making me crave DODO Pizza so bad *

We couldn’t finish them so we had leftovers the next day for our lunch, it tasted just as good the following day!

The perfect night in thanks to DODO Pizza Coventry.

Check there Instagram here
What’s your go-to pizza toppings? Would love to know in the comments below!


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