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Old Lanwarnick Cottages – What to do in and around Cornwall PT 3| AD – GIFTED

Hello you, have you caught up with Part 1 & 2 here? Please do, this all may not make much sense.

We were kindly gifted a stay at Old Lanwarnick Cottages in June and wanted to share with you all what we got up to. I know from past holidays it can be a bit daunting booking somewhere out in the countryside. We have been to a good few Haven sites in the past and everything is on-site but if you want to venture out there’s nothing to do locally and there’s no real honest guide with a break down on where to go. It’s a different sort of holiday if you get what I’m saying.

Old Lanwarnick is the perfect location to stay at in Cornwall if you’re looking for a relaxed peaceful holiday with plenty to do locally.

At Old Lanwarnick you feel like your right out deep in the countryside, surrounded by nature and rolling hills. But you’re only a 10-minute drive from a beautiful little old fishing town called Loee.



Loee was one of our favourite places to visit especially being off session. Parking is reasonable but can be a challenge so I recommend you head off early, there is a larger carpark down the road you can use too.

Loee has lots of cute little shops you can buy all the essentials for the beach along with holiday treats and knickknacks. It also has some quirky unique shops that we enjoyed walking around along and also an indoor market.

There are so many good places to eat in in loee, we had classic fish and chips at “Kelly’s of Loee” it was delicious and the boys enjoyed giant ice creams.

Every shop we went in around loee we were warned about the seagulls robbing your food, and my gosh! They can be savage! * Story coming later *

Our favourite place to get Ice cream was “Treleaven Luxury Cornish Ice Cream” the lady who works there was so lovely and friendly. According to the boys, the ice cream was the best part of the holiday.

Loee beach is a little walk from the car park, I would say about 10 mins with two slow little ones, two bodyboards, all the buckets and spades towels etc. Once you get to the beach there are food and drink places right up close which is handy as well as public toilets. Getting onto the beach was perfect they had a small slop down. We found a lovely section and set up camp for the day. It was clean and tidy no rubbish in sight. The boys loved running in and out of the waves and playing in the sand we spent the whole day there.


*The Seagulls at loee beach are on another level! They are pretty brave. I was taking a photo of these brownies for a campaign, I checked all around me to make sure no bird was watching and I took the photo, 5 seconds max the brownie was out of the foil. I lifted it off my kindle when at least 5 seagulls bombarded me for it and snatched it right out my hand, this, of course, made crumbs and suddenly I was a human dartboard. Some lovely women watched this unfold and ran over to help get them away. Luckily the boys were in the water with luke. After that, they just hovered and bullied me by robbing the boy’s buckets and spades flying off with them… have a look at my Instagram highlights at our holiday stories and you will see on there!*


Brownies Gifted by Chocolate Treats


Walking back through loee to our car we came across a small arcade which is lovely, there was a larger one across the road from the car park next to a large outdoor play area. I love that they only had the two, I’m all for arcades and things but they come across super touristy to me, which is brill if that’s the sort of holiday you are wanting. It was nice they weren’t all in your face.

One thing in Loee we didn’t do this time around but would do when the children are older is crabbing, shops were selling all the buckets and bates and things you needed to go crabbing. The only reason we didn’t do it is that you had to sit along the edge where the boats are and it’s a good drop of the side into the water below, I don’t trust the boys enough yet, epically Liam. He is clumsy like his mama.

Just down the road from Loee town, a 2-minute drive you come across a rocky beach. The boys absolutely loved it here! Its free parking and it’s super easy, you pull up on the side and walk down the slope to the beach. It is all stones and rocks. The best thing we had brought the boys before we came was waterproof shoes, these were a godsend. They had super strong grips on the bottom which helped them when climbing the rocks and being waterproof meant they dried quickly and didn’t irritate their feet. They wore them paddling in the stream at Old Lanwarnick. We brought these from Sports direct two pairs for £9 bargain and there still using them now we are back at home in the garden.


On the Rocky beach, there were so many creatures you could find, on the walk down there was a sign up showing you what you could see if you looked hard enough.


We found some baby crabs, shrimps and other interesting creatures. The boys loved exploring and trying to find them.

The view was incredible, there was an island straight across and it looked beautiful, there were boats you could go on touring around, so picturesque. It felt like we were in a different country. We were lucky to have the weather on our side! It was so lush. Getting major holiday blues talking about it now!


There were a few big walks you to do right by the rocky beach at the top of the road, this is something we would defiantly do when the boys are older.

On one of the days we visiting a gorgeous place Polperro, Polperro is a fishing harbour just 15 minutes drive from Old Lanwarnick.

The carpark was a little expensive you could either walk down to Polperro which we have heard is so lovely as there are beautiful houses and shops you can see that all get missed if you go by tram, but we opted for the tram with the boys and not knowing what it was like once we got down there. It was a couple of pounds per person return and they are so frequent we didn’t have to wait long at all. If we were to go again we would walk down and tram it back.


In Polperro there are lots of cute shops and places to eat, it was super busy with people enjoying the sun. Polperro has some of the most beautiful views, I could have stood there all day taking it in.


Sadly the sea was in so we couldn’t go down on the beach but it was beautiful and the sea breeze was just what we needed.



The boys got ice cream from the first shop as the tram comes down and they loved it, there was seating for us to use as well. Luke got a burger from the same place and said it was good.


We stayed for a few hours, nowhere near as long as we thought we would but if the sea was out I’m sure we would have stayed a lot longer.

It was well worth the visit and if we had more time we would have gone back and checked for when the tide was out.

About 20mins drive from Old Lanwarnick there was an ASDA, farm foods, BnM and KFC. We took a couple of trips here to stock up on food and frozen food for the cottage-like ice creams and meals for the boys. There are local shops that sell the essentials but if you’re looking for more variety then these were perfect. The drive was lush too, we love driving around on holiday taking everything in and it’s a good way to spot places you may like to visit.

Locally to Old Lanwarnick, there were a few farm places we could go to, and loads of country walks we could do too. The owners of Old Lanwarnick have farm and stables, we got to go down and have a stable experience that the boys loved and enjoyed so much! Full post coming on that soon too.

If we had gone on this holiday pre-children, there would have been so many lovely pubs and restaurants we could eat at! Our two don’t like to sit still so we didn’t get to try any out this time around.

We had the best holiday, it was jam-packed. Every day was busy we could have done with an extra couple of days to chill out and have a cottage day. What we loved that we could have been as busy or as chilled as we wanted the options were there and we went with the flow. We took things with us like bubbles and buckets and spades but we really didn’t need to there was plenty of choices locally.

A huge thank you to Old Lanwarnick for having us and giving us the opportunity to make these incredible memories.

Keep an eye out for part 4 where I will be talking you all about our stable experience.

I hope this has helped you if you are thinking about visiting Cornwall or looking for somewhere to stay. Have a nose on my Instagram Highlights where I have documented our holiday!



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