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Perfect family holiday Build Up PT 1 | Old Lanwarnick Cottages Cornwall | AD – GIFTED

We were very kindly invited to stay at Old Lanwarnick In June 2019, if you follow me on Instagram then you would have seen some of the things we got up to when we were there.

This holiday experience will be broken into parts, as there is so much, I want to tell you guys, in one go would just be a jumbled mess.

Part 1 – Perfect family holiday build-up (What your reading now)
Part 2 – Where we stayed
Part 3 – Holiday Diary – Things to do locally around Old Lanwarnick Cottages
Part 4 – Stable & Horse experience Woodlay Farm Old Lanwarnick Cottages

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Cornwall is one of our favourite places in the UK, we have done a few holidays as a family when the children were little but this was a massive thing for us, this was our first family holiday with the kids being older, more independent and we didn’t have prams, sterilisers, bottles, baby food all that stuff that comes with little ones!

*FYI prams and beaches don’t mix, packing is a nightmare when you have little room in your boot with the prams taking up all the space, having to look around at pram friendly places and battling prams against people in general*

So yeah both boys fully walking, talking and had an opinion on what they enjoyed and wanted to do! Felt like we had hit a Milestone!

The whole build-up to the holiday was so exciting, the last holiday we did was to Butlins for our “Honey Moon” 2 years ago, both boys in prams, we still needed travel cots and stair gates on rooms it was a challenging holiday, I felt like the boys didn’t get out of it as much as we had hoped and of course these things cost a lot of money, so when you come away feeling a little deflated it can be hard to get excited about booking your next trip. So, the following year we decided to miss out on a holiday and use the money to do up the garden for the boys instead. I have shown parts of our garden on Instagram but its kiddie heaven with slides, swings, monkey bars, trampolines the lot.

This year we have focused on the house, again if you follow me on socials you know we started house renovating back in Feb of this year, we moved out and into my dad’s at the end of March when I became very ill and here we are now, writing this in July and we still haven’t finished, still haven’t moved back still working hard and ploughing away, so to say this holiday was needed is an understatement!

The boys have deserved this more than anyone, they have been so amazing through all of the renovations it’s a lot for them and we didn’t expect it to take as long as it has done with this many disruptions. We didn’t think we would be able to have a proper family holiday this year, with the time and money.
Telling them was one of the most exciting moments for us, they both fully understand now and seeing their little excited faces was just amazing. We jumped straight online to show them.

Old Lanwarnick have the best website, they show you photos of the accommodation and area along with an interactive tour. This was just what our boys needed. Ethan is autistic so being able to see where we are staying and familiarize himself with it was perfect. When he arrived, he knew what his room looked like, what the sofa, kitchen, tables the lot looked like and it made the build-up more exciting. Both boys would say they can’t wait to eat their dinner at the green table. Ethan couldn’t wait to get in the hot tub, Liam was excited about the big bath.

They were excited to sleep in their rooms at the Holiday house. We must have looked online at least 20 times at the Cottage, taking it all in and talking about the holiday and what was to come.

They were now counting down the days until Monday the 24th of June!
Keep an eye out for part 2 coming very soon!


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