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Date Night On a budget | Money Saving Tips

Hey Angels, as promised here is another “Money saving tips” post. Check out my last post for money saving and making tips I did ages ago now here!

So, today’s a short one! I wanted to give you some ideas on how to do date night on a budget and how me and Luke like to do things.

Meals out can be expensive! Not everyone likes to pay £80 for a fancy 2-course meal, we experienced it once and thought nope never again. Unless we were on holiday somewhere or it was really special.

We have always been super savvy when we go out places, some may say that’s being tight but we are just sensible. I’m one of those who likes getting the most from my money and can’t beat a good bargain.


Meals out

If you are going for food, check the place your going first online. Chains often have a newsletter you can sign up for and they then send offers via email to use

A lot of places have an app you can download for special offers and deals? They may offer discounts and free things for people who download their app like, 2 4 1 or a % off your main meal.

We always do this at least a few days before as some take up to 48 hours to be sent through and registered.

We have had money knocked off our bill, or a free starter/dessert even free bottles of prosecco!

Tell a little white lie when they ask for your date of birth and make it for the day you’re going for food. 9x out of 10 they offer you some sort of free meal or bottle of wine.

Have a look at your receipt before you bin it!! We have noticed some places offer you money of when you next visit if you leave them some feedback, its 5 mins of your time for a discount next time.

Are you a student or work for public services? Ask if they offer a discount!! A lot of places do they just don’t advertise it! Defiantly worth doing.

Groupon and Wowcher

These are amazing for date night ideas, you can get cheap meals for 2, hotels, spa and entertainment evenings. You just need to plan in advance and have a good look. It could save yourself a fortune and give you something different to do.

Look online for 2 4 1 cinema codes to save the cost of two tickets… and everyone knows to raid your supermarket beforehand don’t pay cinema prices for food!


Recently we have been doing a lot of house renos so all our money was being churned into that. We still needed a date night and some time together. What we did was popped down to Morrisons just before 8.00 and got a lot of pre-cooked food super cheap and I mean like £1.50 for a whole cooked roasted chicken and 75p for a bag or pre-cooked wedges. So we took a picnic to one of our fave parks ( Abby Fields ) sat on the grass and had a picnic.

Remember date night is about quality time with your other half, not about what you’re doing.

I hope this helped a little with saving money on date night. Let me know if you want to see more of these money-saving idea posts!





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