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Handbag must haves! | What I won’t leave the house without!

Hey, Hi, How are you?
I think I did one of these a good while back now? Remind me, have I?
Well, I wanted to do an updated one as there are some products I can’t go anywhere without. It’s a bit unhealthy really, thinking about it.

*Contains some gifted items*

I’m one of these people who has a slight obsession with taking things just in case… I wind myself up doing it. But I know on the occasion I don’t do it I will need that thing!
Firstly let’s talk about my go-to bag atm, its this beautiful Abbott Lyon Croc Moda with bracelet handles, Its been going everywhere with me!

So I have a little bag that goes inside my main bag with all my essentials in, if my chosen bag is too small to fit my essential bag in then I just take out the bits, someone asked me for a video on this… if it interests you I may do one.


Ok so, clean germ freak Saff coming at you with her Detol hand sanitiser! I always carry one on me, sometimes if I’m feeling brave I will just take out this one, which is a hand cream with a sanitizer built in. But it doesn’t give you that clean smell which sometimes I need.

I think it’s a form of anxiety if I’m honest and It comes out in the form of germ killing. I’m planning on talking about my struggles with that very soon on the blog but yes I always carry 1 if not two germ killing things!

My worst thing ever is the thought of dry sore lips and nothing to help them, I have been obsessing over the Dr Paw Paw multi-purpose smoothing balm, not only is this amazing to use before you put on your lip product but I love to keep it in my bag to hydrate and refresh my lips when out and about, its amazing for sore skin, fixing your cuticles or any dry patches on your body. I can’t leave the house without it now!


Twist & Spritz this little baby I have spoken about in a good few of my blog posts I’m obsessed and think everyone should own one! Like really go out and get one now… you will be lost without it like me! I keep my favourite perfume in it so I know where ever I am I can sort myself out. It’s super easy to do and there are loads of colours you can choose from, mine is a pretty rose gold! Luke has one in black for his aftershave he equally loves his!


Recently I’ve really been loving a glossy lip, so I always keep one in my bag as a just in case to add a bit of oomph to a look, I mean you never know where your day will take you. I tend to add in the product I’m wearing that day but if I forget I always have my Jane Irdale lip gloss on me and also my mini Stila Stay all day liquid lip these are a great combo together and go with pretty much any look. Being a mini size makes them perfect for my handbag.

I have a cute bag that was from a period subscription box, it’s amazing for keeping tampons, pads and little wipes in. I’m a moon cup wearer but I never know when I will get caught off guard. So, having these as a just in case.

Other Essentials I always carry, a compact mirror, pack of tissues, nail file, a couple of pounds, some hair grips, plasters, paracetamol, a snack like a breakfast bar, chewing gum and a body spray.

I would love to know what your handbag must-haves are? What can you not leave the house without?!


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