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Hello Angel,
I love discovering a skincare brand and falling in love with their products. When you find something that really works!

Gatineau has been on my radar for years, I’ve heard so many people talk about it. When I received these treats, I was blown away and so grateful. I was super excited to get stuck in and review!

I’m going to talk about each individual product and my thoughts!

First, Gatineau Floracil I had heard amazing reviews on this, so my expectations were high! The packaging is amazing, why don’t more brands do this? It has a clever lid where you push you cotton pad onto it and it distributes the perfect amount of product onto your cotton pad. No pouring like other products I’ve used. Will def be keeping this bottle and reusing once its all gone.

It is designed to gently remove your eye makeup if you know me I like to go heavy on the eye makeup meaning it can be stubborn to remove! This did the job effortlessly! It really worked amazingly well. It took off all my glitter, mascara and eyeliner. Normally my mascara and eyeliner are a pain to get off but this didn’t need any work and didn’t make me lose any lashes too!
It is a non-greasy formula that didn’t dry my eyes out, it left them feeling hydrated. It has a lovely floral scent. Normally I’m not a huge fan of scented face skincare but this isn’t overpowering and didn’t irritate my sensitive under eyes.
Shop Gatineau Floracil Here

Advanced Rejuvenating Cream

This packaging gives me such Chanel vibes! It is just beautifully sleek and elegant.

It’s a glass pot with a pretty pearly iridescent colour. Black lid and the shape of the pot it’s very high-end and classy. I love it, it will look so lush on my shelf.
The consistency of this product is so lush it’s thick and rich and feels hydrating. It feels super luxurious a real treat for your skin, I love to apply this morning and night. I have noticed my skin looks a lot firmer and plumper when I’ve used this! My makeup is applying so well after I have used this too so an added bonus.
Shop the Advanced Rejuvenating cream here


Collagene Expert Serum

Another beautifully packed product. It’s in a sleek white glass bottle with a pump dispenser. Having the pump gives you the perfect amount of product! A little goes a long way. I love how this serum leaves my skin feeling it has a hydrating silky feel, the consistency feels so refreshing. I like that it has a very subtle smell. Feels luxurious on my face and I can feel the improvements already.
Shop Collagene expert serum Here


Perfection Ultime Miracle eye contour cream

This stuff is magic! It comes out white and once blended into your skin turns the colour of your skin tone perfectly. It helps to cover those tired under eyes and makes them look more awake!
I love to wear this on no makeup days, instantly lifts tired eyes by brightening and making them look hydrated and fresh. Also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines! I would be lost without it now!
Shop the Ultime Miracle Eye Contour Cream Here


Anti-Wrinkle Radiance Mask

Another one of my favourites! You can use this product in two ways. Either apply all over your face and leave for 10 mins for an express treatment or my preference which its to apply a thin layer in the evening and sleep in it overnight. I wake and my skin feels super fresh and glowy! Such a lush treatment to do a couple of times a week.
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We all know we really have to look after our skin, you may be thinking anti-wrinkle cream at 26? The earlier you start the better!

Have you tried any Gatineau Products before? I would love to know in the comments below!


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