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Spring / Summer Must-haves | AD – GIFTED

Hello Beaut!
I have been so looking forward to showing you my Spring / Summer must haves! I personally loveee to read this style of a blog as it opens me up to new ideas and brands, I hope this helps you in some way, gives you inspo!

Vita Liberata Tan

if you follow me on Instagram you will know… your girl over here isn’t the best at applying fake tan! I would love to be a pro, but I’m really not and somehow anyways make the job so much harder than it needs to be. That is until I tried Vita Liberata 2 – 3-week tan in the shade medium & Mitt.

This tan is honestly a game-changer for me, I don’t get any streaks or dark hands! You DON’T moisturise prior to putting the tan on which is amazing normally you have to do your dry patches and then that makes my tan go all patchy and just not great.

Liberata Tan and mit

It’s so fast at absorbing into my skin so none of that sticky arms flapping about waiting for it to dry. It gives you an instant natural-looking bronze colour which then develops into a lovely deep tan that lasts up to 4xs longer than other tans down to its special PH technology!

It has no smell!! I don’t mind the smell of tan but I know some people can’t stand it, this one has no smell which is a bonus!
72 hours of hydrated skin with its special moisture-locking technology!
You can build the colour up to how you like it! It says to apply 3 times over the course of 12 – 24 hours washing with just water in between each layer, I applied two layers and loved the way my skin looked!

The Self Tanning Mitt is amazing quality! It helps me get a streak-free tan and evenly spreads the product on my skin. It also washes up really well and doesn’t go dry or crunchy like other mitts I have used!
I honestly am so glad I’ve found this tan! I will be wearing it again in time for my holidays at the end of June!!

Shop Tan Here *ITS ON SALE*
Shop Mitt Here *ITS ON SALE*

Kiss Nails – Gel Fantasy

You may have seen my post about the Impress Press on nails I posted recently, these are very similar but different at the same time!

Firstly, their designs are just beautiful there very me! These Gel Fantasy are more designed for a false nail look, something with length whereas the Impress Press on are designed to be more of a natural shorter style.

They come with glue or the sticky tabs like the impress this is genius!
What I like to do is apply the sticky tabs first time round a then next I want to wear them pull off the sticky tabs and use the glue provided, so I’m getting multiple wears out of one set! I have found online you can get sheets of these adhesive tabs so I’m going to order them and try them out, I much prefer using them then glue, I always end up sticking my fingers together and the glue leaves a coating on the nails so you can’t wear them again. Were as the tabs just peel off.


The tabs come numbered which makes things so helpful. You find the size nail you want and then there’s a small number that tells you what sticky tab fits that nail! These last a good 5 days + on me, it’s been hard to give it a true length of time as I’ve pulled them off to do house renovations!

Highly recommend these, I get so many compliments when I wear them. There perfect to jazz up any outfits and getting that salon look from home.

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails

Shop Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails Here

Stila Mini Liquid Lipstick – Patina

Stila is one of my favourite brands for makeup, I’ve been lucky enough to go to some of their launch events for new products, I have never had the chance to try there Stay all day liquid lipsticks before so when love indulge kindly sent out this mini from part of the My Bare Lady set in the shade Patina I was so excited to try!

They really do live up to the hype, they stay on all day with no dryness. One of my pet hates about liquid lipstick is when they have been on your lips for a little while and they start to crumble up and crack… yeah, you don’t get this with Stila!

I love that their minis! Perfect for your handbag/purse.
The colour is lush my perfect go to and looks lovely with S/S outfits.
Defiantly need to get my hands on the collection!

Stila Stay all day lip

Shop Stila Liquid Lipsticks Here * ITS ON SALE*

Jain Iredale NEW Lip Kit

Keeping on the line of Lip products, Jain Iredale has brought out the most beautiful lip stain and gloss set! This trio is called Kiss and Tell and features two of there best-selling shades! The idea is that you apply the colour and then add the Crystal Lip Fixation on top for a glossy look!

Jayne Iredale Kiss And Tell lip kit

I love that you can wear these on their own, or pair them together! There super cute mini size so perfect for that elegant clutch bag. The colours are so versatile and wearable. Wear the lip stain in the day and the gloss at night for that all-day transition. Perfect for a wedding!

Jane Iredale lip glosses

These are super pigmentated long-lasting colours that last well on your lips! They not sticky or drying at all which is a must! I’ve never been massive into gloss but this S/S I have been loving pairing these with my makeup looks and outfits. They look so lush and hydrating. The perfect complement to a glowing face!

Shop Kiss & Tell Lip Kit Here

Abbott Lyon NEW Spring Collection

Abbott Lyon do the prettiest bags, they have a new range especially for spring summer that I absolutely love!

The Moda Croc Top Handle Bag in Dusk Grey / Rose Gold with Rose gold Monochrome of my initials is my new obsession!
I love how it takes any outfit to the next level and just looks beautiful!

It’s grey shiny croc skin effect looks lush Rose gold bracelet style handles. Either wear cross body, over your shoulder or show of the bag on your wrist. I love that you can have the bags personalised, makes the perfect gift for someone special!

Abbott Lyon Bag

Shop the bag here

This Works Perfect Leg Skin Miracle Serum

We know I’m a pale gall, well I never get my legs out so you can only imagine how pale they are, I don’t always want to smother myself in fake tan so I love to use This Works Perfect Leg Skin Miracle Serum. It helps to give your legs a really natural bronzed glow. Perfect for the summer. I love this so much that is has encouraged me to steer away from covering my legs up this summer and rock the skirts and dresses.

It’s such a lovely formula and texture, that is enriched with vitamins such as Vitamin E & C that help even out skin tone and fade bruising and blue tones giving you that sun-kissed glow!

This Works Perfect Skin Miracale

Shop This Works Perfect Leg & Skin Miracle Serum Here

I would love to hear what your S/S must-haves are? Let me know in the comments below



* A huge thank you to the brands who have gifted me the products I have shown in this post, so grateful. All reviews are my own and not influenced in anyway. I was under no obligation to post *

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