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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019 | AD – GIFTED

Buying for the important men in our lives, I don’t know about you but I really struggle! I find Men such a challenge especially the ones in my life. They already have everything they want/need and I’m always trying to find that different, unique gifts. Things they wouldn’t normally buy themselves and each year it’s getting tougher and tougher!
Luckily, I have a list of ideas for you! Perfect gifts for Father’s Day ones I know Luke and my dad would love to receive! Win Win there!

Michael Buble has honestly blown my mind when it comes to scents. I’m so lucky that over the last year I have been able to try out and review their collection. The first ever scent we got sent was this MB Pour Homme I spoke about it in last year’s FDGG and it’s still one of Luke’s go-to scents, it smells so so lush! He always gets compliments when he’s wearing it from women wanting to get it for the partners! The bottle is huge and it lasted him 10 months at least and that’s using it every day!

It lasts on his skin all day, he will climb into bed and I can still smell it on him. It will be a signature scent of his for years to come now! A scent that would suit anyone. A statement for any collection.

Shop MB Pour here

Brownies delivered to your door!

The men in my life sure do have a sweet tooth! We were kindly sent these amazing Brownie boxes from Chocolate Treats

We got to choose what flavours were in the box and my gosh! There was so many to choose from, we opted for –Crunchy, Oreo, Crispy M&MS, Caramel, Jaffa Cake and chocolate


They arrived in these ace boxes, wow the weight of them! It was so challenging having to get photos of them before demolishing! They are so moreish and delish. Luke defiantly agreed he would love to receive these as a treat for Father’s Day. The best brownies we have ever tasted! My personal fave was the Oreo, with a full biscuit in each slice! Luke couldn’t get enough of the caramel, he loved that in every bite there was flavour from both the Brownie and the caramel. Ethan was amazed at the Crispy M&MS, he loved that they were hidden inside!

A huge thank you to Chocolate Treats
Shop the best brownies we have ever tried here


Hair care is always a great one I love to stock up on Luke’s favourites as little filler gifts!
Luke has been reviewing the Fudge Mineral Paste & Fudge Urban Matte Wax for you, he loves them both for different reasons!
The Fudge Mineral paste is amazing for days when he wants a messier look when he wants something that’s not going to look to put together! The texter of the paste is easy to work with and contains hydrating ocean salts to help add texture!


Fudge Urban Matte Wax, first of all, it smells amazing I love the coconut smell. It’s such a summer scent! I love it when he uses this in his hair and I can smell it all morning after he has left for work! He loves using this as his day to day wax, it gives him a lot of control over his wield bed hair! It doesn’t look shiny or greasy and holds his hair in place all day, just what he wants when walking to and from his car at work in the wind.
Both Products wash out so well, and haven’t damaged his hair as other products have in the past!

He highly recommends them and is such a fussy one when it comes to products! If the man in your life is struggling to find THE perfect product for their hair or looking for a spruce up then definitely try Fudge products!
Shop Fudge Products Here

Ramer Sponges scent out this amazing clever concept something I have never seen before!
These are wet shave towels and body sponges that come in a moister sealed pack!
What I personally love about them is they come in different colours so you can distinguish who’s is who’s if you have multiple men in the household. They are also machine washable which if you know me, then you will know I’m a major germ freak! Normally sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria! One maybe 2 uses max and you need to chuck away. These can be washed every couple of uses. Once washed they are as good and super clean.

The body sponge is super chunky and amazing at cleaning and gently exfoliating the skin leaving him lovely and soft I want one for myself now!
Shop Ramer Sponges Here


The next item if you’re a man or women and like scents, you need to purchase one! They are amazing and we are both obsessed with them!
Twist & Spritz the perfect gift for anyone! Like really!

These clever beautiful things mean you can carry your scents with you on the go! I keep one in my handbag it goes everywhere with me. It’s perfect for travelling, your sports bag, work bag, to keep in your car for a spritz when you’re on the go!
I have this pretty rose gold and Luke has a black textured one…. I wanted to pinch it of him so bad I love it!
The perfect unisex gift for anyone and everyone!
Shop the Twist & Spritz Here

Talking about Unisex, these luxury gender inclusive scents and hand and body lotions are from Stories by Eliza Grace
The gender inclusive fragrance line has a No1 and a No2 scent. Both scents smell amazing in their own way and subtle for whoever, its just down to preference.
Stories No1 is a seductive elegant scent with lots of fruity notes such as Grapefruit, Orange Blossom with hints of amber and Jasmin giving it that contemporary feel.
Stories No2 is a woody heavier scent. It is more popular for males with its hints of honey Tabaco, and warm cedarwood. This is a very strong deep mysteries scent it’s just lush Luke loves it!


What’s amazing about these two are that they smell and work differently on different people. So diverse and ooze elegance.
Each scent has a hand & body wash and a hand & body cream to accompany it, what better way to keep that scent lingering on your skin for longer than using the wash, applying the cream and spritzing on the fragrance.
Shop the Stories Collection here

Cake Cake Cake

Who doesn’t love a Cake to celebrate an occasion!
Whipped have the most amazing Cakes for all occasion but they kindly gifted us these amazing collections of their Father’s Day Cakes to try and share with you all.
Firstly, I am massive into shop small, we should all be supporting our small business! Whipped is a family run business and they are the sweetest they drove all the way from Northampton to hand deliver these cakes to me, it’s the little things like that which really stand out to me with a brand!
Father’s Day Tray Bake £25.00


It has rainbow sponge guys, I was amazed I’ve only ever seen these style cakes of dreams on Pinterest! To see one in person, and how vibrant it is too!! So fun, the kids loved watching the colours appear!
It tasted amazing, Vanilla sponge with loads of freshly whipped and piped buttercream, sprinkles, chocolate shavings and fondant letters!

Large and Small Cake jars in different coloured sponge cake! £5.00 & £3.50
These are too good to share, get a spoon and dig in! They look so amazing, really well presented and perfect gift idea to give someone. I can imagine seeing these in little hampers! Vanilla sponge layers sandwiched together with freshly whipped buttercream topped with an impressive swirl and sprinkles! So delish!

Box of 6 Luxury Cup Cakes £15.00
Vanilla sponge cupcakes decorated so beautifully with fresh buttercream and pretty fondant icing and sprinkles. I love the different variations they did for us, lush statement cupcake. These were the boy’s favs they loved scoffing them!
Special offer just for you guys get 10% off your order with the code SAFFRON10
Shop these delish Cakes here

Jimmy Choo Man Blue
The perfect scent to take you from day to night!
Man Blue is such a bold and confident scent! I absolutely love it when Luke wears it!
This rugged, fresh, classy yet casual scent is perfect for day to day wear but will also carry you into the eve, think a night out with friends!

With notes of Sage, bergamot and black pepper it has a very masculine smell. Luke loves it and my dad wanted to pinch it, perfect for any age! The packaging is lush and looks great on his shelf!
Shop Jimmy Choo Man Blue here

OSMO Skin & Hair
This brand! I had so many people message me when I showed the products on my stories saying there amazing!

Osmo Matt Salt Spray, this is amazing at prepping the hair for a messy look! It gives great texture to help style and shape! Use on its own to create a grungy look. I can even use this for a beach chic hair. This will defiantly be coming on holiday with us!
Osmo Fibre Paste is such a different product to what Luke is normally drawn to. The texture reminds me of icing! It’s a fibre-based gum that helps give your hair texture volume control and shine. This product is so versatile you can use it to create a number of different looks. For the slick back smart look use a comb and the product! It’s different to use, rub the product between your hands and pull them apart stretching the fibres and run through wet or dry hair.

Osmo Refreshing Tonic. This has been used non-stop in our house, we have added some to a water sprayer and have been using it on the boy’s hair in the mornings before school and nursery to help us get rid of that bed hair and style! It has a lovely melon scent and helps stimulate and refresh the scalp. You can also apply it directly to the scalp to refresh your style, Luke has used this method after he has come in from a day at work but wants to have nice looking hair again for the evening without the need to wash his hair! Really great product perfect for salons too.

Osmo Shave Spray, Luke has found this so easy to use! Luke has used it to define his beard and tidy up his sideburns! It’s a lightweight gel formula that is non-irritant and helps the razor glide over the skin with no pulling. It contains Aloe to help soothe the skin! It has a refreshing scent of peppermint! The bottle is a massive a little really goes a long way. He likes to spray some into his hands and massage it into the areas he wants to shave.
Shop OSMO Products Here

I hope this guide can help give you some ideas on what you can buy the men in your life this Father’s Day!

It goes without saying, a huge huge thank you to the brands who gifted the items for this gift guide. Always so appreciated
What are you thinking about getting the man in your life this Father’s Day?


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