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ImPRESS Press-On Manicure NEW for Spring 2019 | AD – GIFTED!

Spring is finally here and I have been obsessing over the NEW I’m PRESS nail range that have been launched for Spring!

This new generation of nails has had a complete revamp!
The New slimmer yet stronger more durable design means your Press on Manicure will stay looking fresh for longer! They have a new more natural seamless fit giving you a more secure comfortable feel to the nail! They have a NEW stronger resin meaning they will stay put for longer too! Bonus!


I have been a massive fan of these nails for gosh so long now. I have mentioned on my stories if you follow me on Instagram, I have the world’s worst index fingernails… they are such an odd shape, the old design of ImPRESS Press-On manicures didn’t sit too well on my oddly shaped nails. They would last 48 hours before lifting and then my hair would get caught underneath, I was always so gutted as they looked stunning and I always got the nicest compliments when wearing them…. Since trying these NEW designs, I haven’t had that problem and I’m so so chuffed!

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I have shared a few pairs with my friend Jade with all this building work going on nothing on my nails is staying nice so would be a shame to waste. Also is great to get someone else opinion who has different shaped nails to me!

Jade absolutely loves and raves about them, they last on her nails for weeks even through her working a pretty hands-on job, looking after her dog and cooking/cleaning! I think that’s a true test if you can live life normally and they stay in place!
They fit her nails perfectly! She has also tried both the old design and the new one and can defiantly see the difference with the new fit!
The colours and design as so beautiful perfect for so many different occasions, they have so many designs to choose from!



These have to be the quickest set of nails to apply…ever!
Prep your nails with the handy prep pad provided find the correct nail size, peel back the tab and press done! It’s that easy and you could do it anywhere! Would be amazing for travelling! Perfect Manicured nails in no time!

Shop ImPRESS at Boots or Superdrug

Have you tried ImPRESS nails before? What’s your favourite design out of the ones above, let me know in the comments below!


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