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Legoland Discovery Centre Birmingham | Liam’s 4th Birthday

I cannot believe my youngest baby is now 4?! Sorry, what? Where has the time gone?

I feel old, and the boys are starting to become more and more independent they aren’t going to want or need there Muma anymore!

Liam has recently really got into Lego, he loves the films and toys so we thought why not take him to Legoland for his birthday. Now we had originally planned to take him to Legoland Windsor but as he’s still little and the majority of it is rides, we thought we would test the waters with the rides at Legoland Discovery Center Birmingham to see if it’s something he enjoyed.  I had a lot of messages on Instagram asking us how it was so I thought I would do a post to share with you what we thought about the day!


He loved it!

From the minute you walk in you are taking into a different world, it feels magical and exciting!

All the little details are amazing they have really thought about it all. When you first arrive, you go on a ride where you have to shoot all the trolls and enemies to save the princess. Liam loved this and It brought out mine and Luke’s competitive side! You next get taken through a huge model Lego construction of Birmingham and the Midlands with lots of interactive points great fun. Liam loved seeing all the little people and cars, making them move and seeing familiar sights. There’s a huge area for Lego building, you can go to different stations and make different things. They had an earthquake simulator and an area you can build vehicles. A soft play area with lots of different levels and slides. Liam loved this and there was seating for parents to have a rest and watch the children defiantly needed!

4D cinema! They showed 4 different films throughout the day rotating. This was so good as it meant we could do an activity for an hour and then head back to the 4D cinema to catch the next film! The 4D looked real unlike some we have been to before. The films kept him engaged and had funny moments for adults.

We got wet!

Merlin’s ride I was so surprised Liam enjoyed. It flies up and down by using your feet to peddle. The faster you peddle the higher you go. It reminded me of the classic Dumbo / Aladdin ride from Disney land… if you know you know. You can go on the rides as much as you like!


There were lots of fun stations to play and interactive areas. They had a café inside but also an area you could sit and eat your own food and the café was pretty pricey.

The shop on the exit is overpriced like any shop you find at the end of an attraction but they did give out free posters!

All round we had a great day, we were there for 3 – 4 hours and that was more than enough time. We brought the passes alongside the sea life centre which is just opposite!

I think the idea is that you do one in the morning get lunch and do the sound attraction in the afternoon… we have saved the sea life for another day.

Getting to Legoland was super easy, we drove from Coventry and parked next door with a 2 min walk from the car park and easy directions!

We will 100% be making another visit! We had such a fun day even though I was dying of a bad cold which later turned to the flu!

Next stop the BIG Legoland Windsor!!

Have you been to the Legoland Discovery Centre in Birmingham before? Not local? They also have one in Manchester too!


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