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Inflata Nation | Fun family day trip |[ AD – GIFTED]

Hey You!!

I’ve been so looking forward to sharing with you our experience at the new Inflata Nation in Birmingham! Inflata Nation is an inflatable theme park, we were very kindly invited down to try it out!

We had the place exclusively to ourselves which was amazing and so generous of them. I have briefly touched on our little family unit in the past and how it’s a challenge for us to go to busy places. We could really relax knowing it was just us 7 in there!

We took Ethan’s friend from school and family, they were so excited!

When we finally arrived… yes, we nearly didn’t make it. We took a wrong turn and hit a massive traffic jam, the weather that morning wasnt good at all, and i think it had caused some sort of delay, which lead our car to be at a stand still for 15 mins! Then suddenly it started moving again such a relief!

We had to fill out a few safety forms, watch a quick safety video and then we were free to go and play!

I have filmed our time for a youtube video so keep an eye out on my channel it will be up very soon! 

It was clean and tidy! An absolute must for places like this!

We all had a blast, the children loved all the different equipment there was so much for them to do!

They had huge bouncy balls to jump on, a human size hungry hippo, a race circuit which Ellie & Mark had a go on with lots of obstacles to go through.

Lots of slides, some into ball pits one being huge!! (I was too chicken) A massive climbing wall which was hilarious! The boys said it was so hard and kept slipping down. They also had a gladiator style beam, with the aim to knock each other off! Ellie and Luke battled it out, again had me laughing so much!


I can’t wait to be able to take the children back there! It was such a fun morning, us adults had just as much fun! We were exhausted afterwards! We all slept well that night. It was so great to get out the house early on a Sunday, fab exercise for the children too.

Inflata Nation holds birthday party’s which I think is a fantastic idea. Such a unique party for children to enjoy! Had you heard of Inflata Nation before? Would you take your friends and family? Let me know in the comments below!

33553598_10156228153972660_3258607072048054272_n** Inflata Nation kindly gifted us the chance to go exclusively I have not been paid for my review **

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