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The House on Cold Hill | Belgrade Theatre | Date Night [AD – GIFTED]

I & my husband rarely get time together for a date night, when I saw that the Belgrade theatre was showing The House On Cold Hill, I just knew me and Luke had to see it together. He’s not normally one for the theatre but I dragged him along.

We both love thrillers, and the idea of a thriller on stage would be the perfect show to enjoy together!

It stares a few famous faces you would definitely have heard off! (if you don’t live under a rock)

Rita Simons, she is of course known for Roxi Mitchel in EastEnders and also

I’m a celeb get me out of here!

Joe Mcfadden, he’s known for winning Strictly come dancing 2017 and also acted in Holby city and heartbeat.

Charlie Clements, He played Bradley in EastEnders and Persephone Swales – Dawson who played Nico Blake in Hollyoaks!

Image Credit – Belgrade

I had high hopes for the show, with so many faces I had seen on tv, the storyline was great and very different to something you would normally find in the theatre! I wouldn’t have said it was scary but did have a few jumpy moments that defiantly caught audience members around us off guard.

The set didn’t change which surprised us a little being on the main stage, however, the lighting effects were very good. We loved the use of modern-day technology so it felt very current. They talk about face time, Facebook and Alexis!

Image Credit – Belgrade

We had a great evening and enjoyed being able to spend time together experiencing something a little different!

The Belgrade Coventry is such a good place for evenings out that are a bit different to your norm especially mid-week! They always have a fab selection of shows on!

Would you go to the theatre to see a thriller? Let me know in the comments below!








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