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SBC NEW 3 Piece Mask Wardrobe

Hey you, this is one blog post I have been so excited to talk to you about!! You all know I love my face mask especially ones I can multi-mask together! Nothing shouts self-love more than a face mask pamper night!

Now, this brand I have known about for years, their skincare products are amazing! They have now brought out a NEW “3-piece mask set wardrobe” perfect for multi masking or using individually depending on what you’re trying to achieve each with amazing benefits!


I have been using them nonstop! There so lush to apply to the skin with the handy little mask silicon brush that comes in the set!

Cucumber Hydrating Mask 100ml

I love a gel mask so much; I find them super hydrating for my skin and perfect to battle and help de-puff the dark swollen under eye area! The Cucumber Hydrating Mask is infused with vitamin A and purified water giving your skin the drink it needs! I like to keep mine in the fridge and I apply it under my eyes, up to my temples for a cool, soothing, hydrating effect! 

Which Hazel and Zinc purifying mask 100ml 

Purifying masks are amazing at drawing out unwanted dirt and impurities from within your skin! If you suffer from breakouts, enlarged pores this is the one for you! It contains Salicylic acid which has amazing benefits for your skin along with tea tree oil that helps to calm and reduce redness. I like to apply this to my T zone, mainly my nose chin and jawline, there the areas on my face I’m most prone to blocked pores and blackheads.

Collagen Radiance Mask 100ml

We all no Collagen is amazing for our skin we are trying to get it in and on us, every way we can to help prevent wrinkles and fine lines, firm our skin and help us look more youthful! The Collagen Radiance mask is full of Vitamin E and Shea butter to help plump your skin and give it life and the glow we all want! I love to put this mask across my forehead and my cheeks! Feels amazing on the skin, just lush!


The 3-piece Mask Wardrobe collection is available now, exclusively to QVCUK HERE and will be launching on the SBC website in March. For Just £23.50 for the set! Amazing value for money! Have you used any SBC products before? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below!




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