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Favourites! | What I have been loving | Pt 2

Hey Beauts!

Here is part 2 as promised, these are the things I have been loving over the past few months if you haven’t seen part 1 click here and be sure to have a read first it will explain a lot about where I have been!

Not going to ramble on this one, so I hope you enjoy and we will get stuck in!

Soft glam is slowly becoming one of my go-to pallets! It’s being used more than my Modern Rennesance at the moment and we all know that’s my queen! I love all the shades, the glitters are just stunning and they blend and look so effortless together. If you would like me to do a video showing you my go-to easy look with this pallet let me know!! 

Loreal Paris Unlimited Mascara….. my gosh is amazing!! I first saw Emily Canham, use it on one of her vlogs and new I had to try it! I have super long eyelashes and when I apply my mascara, I struggle to get every single lash especially those in the inner corners and the outer corners. This has a super handy brush handle that moves and bends making it so easy to get those hard to reach lashes. I still prefer my better than sex formula but this one is a fraction of the price and amazing would say it’s a pretty good rival. One of those were when it runs out I will 100% wash and keep the brush to use with other mascaras as well as replace the one that’s finished. So, chuffed to find a drugstore mascara that really does work amazingly.

Eyelash & Eye Brow Serum!

I have always been so sceptical of these serums when I have seen them in the past! So, when so luscious offered for me to review and try out one of theirs I was more than happy to try it for myself and see if it really works.

Firstly, you all know I like to try something for a good while to make sure I 100% have experienced the product before I share my thoughts that’s why this has been a long time to come and I’m so glad I can finally talk about it with you! Of course, it goes without saying you have to be so so careful with what you put near your eyes, make sure to check the product you’re wanting to try and the ingredients. One of the things that won me over about this serum is that it’s made from 100% Natural organic plant-based oils! I’ve have noticed such a difference in my brows and my lashes and so have you guys! I’ve had so many messages asking what I’ve done differently how good my brows look and how long my lashes are… all down to this beauty!! Honestly, you need to have it in your life.

How sweet is this pin badge, kindly sent from Etch & Pin


These would make the perfect gift for someone you know who lives in Coventry. They’re so well made and I love the history and story behind each design. Etch & Pin bring out a fresh new pin every month to add to your collection. You can either by them in bundles of 1 month, 3 months and 6 months which I think is a great idea, and a perfect surprise or treat to yourself each month. Etch & Pin Donate £1 from each purchase to a Coventry charity.

Check out past pins and designs here.

The Haunting off hill house!

EVERYONE is talking about it!

Now I and Luke are complete horror avoiders! We aren’t normally very good with scary stuff. We used to be addicts to horror pre-kids. But since having the boys we haven’t been at all! But hearing such amazing things we knew we had to give it a go and YES it’s scary AF! But it’s honestly so so worth it and one of the best shows! I bloody loved it!

There are so many hidden ghosts and clues throughout the show that we loved and made it that bit more unique! I could talk for hours about it but just go watch it then message me because we have to talk about it!

That’s is for this post lovely’s I would love to know what you have been loving! Let me know in the comments below!




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