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Christmas Gifts for Her! | Christmas 2018

Hello, you last minute person you!!

If your reading this then you are like the OLD me! A crazy living on the edge last minute present buyer! CLOTELMPB for short.
But I’ve got you covered! Hers some things I absolutely love and think would be perfect as a gift for that Gal in your life!

Thank me later boo!

Perfume, I’ve heard people over the years say oh no perfume is such a personal thing it’s not great as a gift… I completely disagree and often buy perfume for friends, I think it’s such a lovely gift to receive and shows the person has spent time looking for a scent they think you would like.

Seksy do some lush perfumes they have 3 in their collection, Elegance, Embrace and Entice. I was kindly sent Elegance to try for you and my gosh it’s such a classy night time scent I love it. The packaging is so sweet, all Seksy perfumes have a Swarovski crystal either set into the bottle or hanging down like a charm. The scent lasts long on my skin and lingers which we all know is what we want from a perfume!
Use code SAFFRON10 to get 10% off, shop the fragrance collection here

Michale Buble perfume

Never did I think/know a year or so ago that Michael Buble did perfume… last June we tried out the Men’s Aftershave for Farthers day (click here for the blog post) and my husband to his surprise loved it, and has still to this day get so many compliments about this aftershave when he’s wearing it! They also do women’s and my gosh, there lush! I have tried By Invitation and By Invitation Peony Noir! They’re both such different scents but are perfect for perfume lovers!

By Invitation is a very mature scent, which would be perfect for an evening! By Invitation Peony Noir is just my absolute fave it smells so lush perfect for day & night! I have had a lot of “oo what is it your wearing”!
Also, the packaging is so lush! Have a nose at my Instagram post here!


If you dont know what sort of scents your loved one would like then… Sniph Subscription box is perfect for you!

This subscription box was made for me!! I love my perfumes as you can probably tell! Sniph does a subscription box each month where they send you out a scent that has been handpicked to the type of scents you like. When you sign up you can either choose from 6 collections or fill out a perfume quiz and it tells you what sort of perfume you are into. You tell them other perfumes you love and it matches it perfectly, I got the Trending Now Collection and couldnt be more perfect!
Each month you are sent out either a full months’ worth of perfume or half month depending on what subscription you choose to go for, it comes with this super cute handy case perfect for your handbag, just twist and spritz.
Sniph is the perfect way to discover new unique scents and is super affordable!
8ml Full Month – £14 per month. Free delivery, pause, change or cancel anytime
4ml Half Month – £9 per month. Free delivery, pause, change or cancel anytime
I have the 8ml Full Month subscription and the bottle size is perfect!
Use the code Pixiebow5 to get £5.00 off your first subscription box! Making the full month just £9.00 and the half month just £4.00 BARGAIN!
I have had so many people ask me what I’m wearing and giving me compliments on the scents! They are lush!
Sniph do a gift card, this would be the perfect gift as they could do there own quiz to see what suites them! They also do unisex & scents for men!

I love Cosmetics do the most amazing candles, home fragrances, body & gift sets! They come so beautifully packaged with some of the best scents I have smelt! There scent combos are so unique and different!
My favourite being the Elderflower Fizz candle with key notes of elderflower, jasmine, apple and cucumber! Just yum and smells so fresh perfect new year scent! It came in this lush little drawstring bag feels so much more luxurious, with over 40 hour burn time! There Vanilla Milk reed diffusers smell divine! The packing looks lovely, we have this scent in our bedroom and its the perfect warm relaxing smell Have a nose a

t what other products they do here!
Candles and reed diffusers are my absolute fave things ever!! Being someone that works from home and in my house a lot! I love for my house to smell lovely at all times. Because I’m around so much I like to use strong smelling scents I’m not going to get accustomed to! We all know Yankee candles are the classic large candles to go for but that stuffs expensive!
I have been using Wickford and co candles, and wax melts for years we even had them as our wedding favours! For just 49p you can get small Yankee style candles and for £2.99 the large Yankee style they also do wax melt packs and medium style candles. I promise you now, you will not be disappointed with these candles! They smell strong, amazing and the scent lingers. Every time someone comes to my house and I’m burning one of these I get a compliment on how good it smells. My absolute favas being Gingerbread, Warm Apple & Cinnamon, Mulled pear and cranberry for autumn winter, and Pink Lemonade and Rhubarb and Pear for spring summer. The packaging is lovely and looks like Yankee and the burn time is hours! Claims to burn for up to 95 hours. I have mine on all day and they last! Home bargains is your place for these!
The best gift I was ever brought…. Was my kindle! I got it for my first Mother’s Day and although I’m not using it as much as I should be (reading more is on my new year goal) it was honestly so worth the money spent.

I’ve always loved reading but struggled to focus on an actual book, I love the way books look on shelves and the idea of holding one but I’m a weirdo and hate it when they get slightly damaged. It bothers me! This is where my kindle has been a life saver, you can get eBooks so cheap and even some for free! What I also love is that the battery life is crazy I’m sure its weeks! You can adjust the lighting depending on where you are and also try out a sample of the book your interest in before you buy! This is so handy!

Let me know what you’re getting your loved ones for Christmas this year!

I hope you have the best Christmas!


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