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12 Days of Christmas Crafts! | Baker Ross

Christmas Crafts! As a parent, you either love Crafts or loth them! Lucky for me and the boys I bloody love the stuff!!

My two are finally at an age where they will engage for 5 mins! Especially with them bringing me homemade things from school and nursery! I am that parent that looks at every pitcher like it’s Picasso! I know the novelty will wear off at some point!

This year we are doing 12 days of Christmas crafts! Every other day since the 1st of December we have been giving the boys a fun Christmas craft to do. So far they have Painted and Coloured in Baubles, made Christmas Mugs and got crafting with foam. But

If you’re thinking, but Saff we have missed the 1st of December then not to worry you lucky things, you could do this for the12 days leading up to Christmas! Have a ruined your Monday eve? Just think about it, 5 mins piece to get a cuppa!

Where do we find so many Christmas themed crafts you say?

We brought some lush super cheap crafts from a garden centre local to us! See them here in a video (Fast forward to 6.20)

But kindly also got sent these lush bits from Baker Ross!

Some of them are a little mature for the boys and we will be putting them away for next year (sequin Christmas tree dec), but they have sent a great selection of amazing fun crafts to do. We have loved a couple so far but I wanted to share with you this post before it’s too late to get your order in!

All the crafts the children have made this year have been going in their rooms. We have brought the boys little 3foot trees and they have been so excited to decorate their tree and there rooms with all the lovely bits they have made.

Christmas Foam Stickers 120 – £2.95

These are perfect to make Christmas Cards and fun little picture, I have had the boys stick one of these on the envelopes for their Christmas cards to there friends!


Christmas Robin Bauble Kit 6 pack – £4.50

The boys will love creating these baubles! They come with 6 Gold baubles with all the felt cut out into shapes, string and googly eyes to decorate them into the tyle of Robins. Some of the parts come self-adhesive but you will need some felt glue to do the rest.

Also comes with a handy instruction leaflet showing you how to do it what designs you can do!  


Christmas Card & Paper Value Pack of 100 – £5.99

100 sheets of A4 Card and Paper in Yellow, Green, Silver, White & Red Perfect to make Christmas Cards with, Christmas Origami and fun festive pictures! We love making paper chains and snowflakes with card and paper!


Christmas Tree Kit Pack of 4 – £4.50

The kids are going to have the best time making these amazing 3D Christmas trees! They come with so many fun decorations so you can get as creative as you like. They stand up and will look great on their shelves.

Gingerbread House Ceramic Tealight Holder Box of 3 £.4.50

These are the cutest things ever!!! We love gingerbread houses and the kids are going to absolutely love painting these! You can buy led tealights to put inside perfect to have around children.

Christmas Décor Paint Pens Pack of 6 – £8.99

These pens are fab! Like so good! You get Green, Red, White, Gold, Silver and Black. These are perfect to use on Wood, Porcelain, glass and plastic. We are going to make some Christmas Eve plates with these. Problem is I want to personalise everything.


Gingerbread Wooden Cross Stich Decoration Kit pack of 6 – £4.50

If you know me, you know I love to cross stitch and the boys have grown up watching me do them so when these arrived I knew straight away they would be so excited to do them! They come with lots of different coloured threads and plastic needles for safety which I will def be keeping!

Festive Ceramic Decorations pack of 5 – £4.50

These are so cute, they’re perfect to use with the pens or paint them with your fave colours. I can’t wait to do these and hang them on their tree!

Christmas Elf Door Kits pack of 4 – £3.75

These Christmas Elf Door Kits are perfect to make with the children especially if you are doing elf on the shelf this year! I love that the pack contains 4 so each child can do one colour design each.

Comes with everything you need to create these fab designs. You just need your own glue!


Christmas Pug Wooden Decoration pack of 10 – £1.99

Cute little wooden pugs that are ready to colour so many fun designs and comes with the string to hang them on your tree!

Christmas Tree Sequin Decoration Kit pack of 3 – £4.50

These are honestly stunning, you get loads of sequins and plastic pins to create these pretty decorations which will catch the light perfectly. We will be putting these away for next year and my two will struggle with the sequins this year, even though it would be great for their fine motor skills.

I love how they come with the plastic pins for safety when I first looked at these, I did worry about the pins but these are all safe! Having to resist the temptation to make these myself!!


Do you like Christmas Crafts? Have you planned to make anything with your children this year? I would love to know in the comments below!


** Thank you to Baker Ross for sending over these crafts, this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own! **

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