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Children’s Stocking Ideas Under £5 | Pound Toy

Hello, my beauties!!

I can’t believe we are talking Christmas stockings!! It doesn’t seem that long ago I was doing my Christmas gift guide ideas for last year!

Finding little stocking fillers for children can be a right challenge!

Every year we like to get the boys some little bits that can fill up their stockings that hang on their doors ready for Christmas morning! This year is no different but we always find the cheap stocking filler bits the hardest to find. Of course, they have their treats like chocolate coins, selection boxes… even tho Liam doesn’t eat chocolate (strange 3-year old I know!)

We recently came across an online shop called PoundToy… guys this is honestly your one stop shop for when it comes to gifts and stocking fillers!

Thank me later

Pound Toys have a fab selection of amazing gifts at cheap prices!

Now my two are super into crafts, which is amazing because so am I! They especially love colouring, the past few years these have been a staple in our house the children both love them. There these Mess-free colouring set. There honestly a godsend. Each set comes with a book full of fun designs on magic paper. The set also comes with a selection of pens in the sorts of colours you will need! The marker pens will only work on the magic paper, each page has secret hidden things that only appear when they are coloured in! So, no mess on carpets, clothes, skin, walls or furniture! Perfect for travelling, taking to guest houses and out and about with no fear they’re going to draw on everything in site!


These normally retail at around £6-£9 but Pound Toy sell them for just £3 -£4 depending on the set and yes we stocked up good and proper!

You can get two sets, one is a book and pens then other is a book. We brought Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Cars 3, Teletubbies and a Disney Planes. There were a few other fun designs to choose from too. I know my two are going to love doing these and I’m going to love not watching the pens and were there scribbling!

Sticking along the creative stuff! Pound Toy had a great selection of crayons and marker sets, I gravitated towards the crayons for the reasons mentioned above. We brought these cute finger crayons, Noddy jumbo pencils and we braved it and chose some Noddy roller stamps to try! All at just £1.00 each.



If you have been following my videos or socials you will know I’m doing a Christmas craft every other day throughout December to help the children feel Christmassy! PoundToy had these amazing, Colour your own Christmas mugs! £1.50 each Absolute Barg they come with two different designs per cup, colour them in and show them off!!

Lastly for the crafts….PlayDoh & Minions = two happy boys!

Perfect stocking filler or gift for just £5 I’m sure these are normally a lot more in other shops!

These super Mario Cars are so ace for just £2.00 each, I choose the classic Mario and Toad so they can race them across the floor Christmas morning!


Both boys especially Liam are obsessed with squishy things! Anything you can throw at the wall and it sticks, or you can squish in your hands he loves! PoundToy had a great selection, we picked up this Light up squishy shark for £2, Squishy Ball £1 and two Spiderman splat balls for £1 each! These will be perfect for inside their stockings.

The boys love Finding Nemo / Finding Dory so when I saw these Swigglefish I couldn’t resist getting them a couple. They look like they would be great fun to race across the floor, there were loads of characters to choose from we went for, Mr Hank, Mr Ray, Destiny and Marlin! These were £2 each.


CBeebies My first wooden learning clock will be perfect for the boys to share as they’re both still trying to get their heads around the concept of time. So cheap for £1

Some really good stocking ideas there, check out Pound Toy they always have great deals online and do free delivery if you spend £25!


Let me know what you are putting in your little one’s stockings this year in the comments!


** This is a gifted Post and contains no paid advertisement**

** Thankyou Pound Toy who gifted us a voucher to spend on there site, all opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way**




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