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Peppa Pig Activity Play Mat | Review & First Impressions

Hello My Love!

Back with another Toy review for you, thank you so much for your lovely comments over on Instagram about my last toy review. The things you do really help me out a lot!

So today’s little post! We were kindly sent the Peppa Pig Activity Play Set to review and try out for you guys.

“Bong Bing Boo, Bing Bong Bing, Bing Bong Bingly Bungly Boo”

Liam was so excited when he opened the box to mind a huge mat full of fun interactive Peppa pig sounds and phrases to enjoy.


The Peppa Pig Interactive mat is educational an engaging. It has 4 learning games! It asks children to find numbers, colours, Characters and items such as a muddy puddle, duck and George.

It also has 4 Fun well known Peppa Pig songs which Liam absolutely loves! Me not so much when they have been on repeat over and over… I’m joking its great fun for him so I’m happy! The songs are Bing Bong Song, Hot air balloon, Rainbow and wheels on the bus. It also plays the opening classic Peppa pig song when you turn it on.

Number Mode

Find the number Peppa asks you to and she rewards you with a twinkle sound and “well done” if you select the wrong one she makes a snout noise and says “oops try again” until you get the right answer.

Peppa Says Mode

Touch the different sections of the mat and the story comes to life, you hear grandpa pig talking about watering seeds. Click on the camper van and they sing the holiday song.

Sing along mode Peppa will run through different songs.

Find Mode

Peppa will ask you to find random objects and items around the mat “find the orange puddle” “can you find Zoe Zebra” Again she rewards you in the same way as other modes.

If the mat isn’t played with for a little amount of time then it will play a noise or say “Come and play” to remind you its on and to encourage the child to engage in it! 


It does a lot more than I originally thought when first looking at it, Liam is enjoying it a lot and has given him hours of fun and entertainment. He loves being able to choose what sort of games he wants to play. It asks him so many different things it hasn’t been repetitive for him like I thought it might be

Fresh out the box it was super easy to set up, it did need 3AA battery’s so just something to take note off when buying for your little ones. No one wants to be caught out Birthday or Christmas Morning. Peppa Pig Play Mat retails for £20.00 get it on sale here

I would really recommend this, is targeted for children 3+ but I think Liam would have loved this when he was younger for the music and sounds and then enjoyed it more educationally now he’s 3. The Peppa Pig Activity Mat retails at £19.99. Let me know if you would like me to do a Youtube Video Demonstrating how it all works! 

Would love to know your thoughts on this in the comments below is it something your little one would love?


** This is a gifted post and contains no paid advertisement**

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