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The Greatest Student night | West Orchards Coventry | Blogger Event

Hello my Angels, I hope your well!

I know this one is late to go up and I’m sorry about that!! Find out what’s being going on here!

But yes a good few weeks back me and some of the Cov Blogger attended an event at West Orchards Coventry it was the Greatest Student Event!

Isobel – Fashionista Chick & Emily – Drained Beauty

Emily & Isobel

If you watch my Youtube channel then you would have seen the vlog. It was an evening designed for students, with lots of shops offering discounts and money off. There was live entertainment in the theme of the circus! Just like the film the greatest showman!

Amazing Fire Breathers!

Photo Credit – West Orchards


On arrival, there were girls dressed on stilts walking around entertaining people, girls on roller skates handing out shots! There was a DJ who played music throughout the event. This created such a great atmosphere.

Photo Credit – West Orchards

Each student who had a wristband had the choice of 2 free items of food or a free shot. There was candy floss, toffee apples and popcorn that made the whole place smell amazing!

We stopped for a bite to eat at Aunty Annie’s when there was a huge balloon drop from the top floor of west orchards! See what happened here, we had such a laugh!

Debenhams had a great free gift area where you could get some cute luxury samples if you owned a beauty card.

We also visited The Body Shop that had an amazing 30% off! So, we stocked up on some Christmas gifts!

Overall it was a great evening, we are so lucky to have places in Coventry that do fun things for Students! Would you be interested in attending student nights like this? I would love to know in the comments below!


1 thought on “The Greatest Student night | West Orchards Coventry | Blogger Event

  1. This student event looked SO DAMN GOOD! Coventry really did put on a show for their new (and old) students! I don’t feel like Birmingham or Gloucester (where I went for my MA) did anything like this at any of the student related evenings. 😀

    Every time I see that picture of you three girls eating the candy floss it just makes me want some. 😛 Damn you! 😛

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