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NEW Untamed Fingerlings | Review & First Impressions

Untamed Ferocious @ your fingertips

Hello you! Thank you for checking out my first toy review on the blog!!

We were kindly sent these super cool Untamed Ferocious Fingerlings!

Now I’ve seen fingerlings before, and heard amazing things but I had not seen the NEW T.Rex style.

As soon as a saw them I knew the boys would be obsessed! We received 3 different characters, Blaze who is a raptor. Scratch and Tracker who are the NEW T.Rexs Untamed Ferocious Fingerlings!

First of all straight up I love the size of these, I imagined they would be smaller federally things but they’re a really good size. There colours and markings are bright an engaging with a nice dinosaur type texture!


Super easy to remove from the box and comes with batteries! Bonus for Christmas morning, every parent knows that struggle of having to cut packaging! 

To activate the Untamed fingerling you flick a discrete switch on the back of its head and it comes to life.

They are very lifelike, with moving head and blinking eyes! The fingerlings have hands and feet which help it to sit comfortably on your little one’s finger. The tail can also but used to hang the Untamed Ferocious Fingerling off.

So what do they do?

Untamed Ferocious Fingerlings have 40+ sounds and noises. They react to touch motion and sounds. 

These little creatures come with 2 modes, Tame mode and Untamed mode

In the tame mode, your Fingerling will nuzzle and purr. Make sweet noises and appear happy!

In the untamed mode, it will chomp and growl at you, make noises that indicate they aren’t happy.

Flip the fingerling upside down and see what happens!

Shake it to make it growl and chomp

Stroke the fingerling from its nose to the back of its head, it reacts depending on what mode it is in.

Touch the tip of its nose and the back of its head for a surprise!

Blow in the fingerlings faces for a reaction.

Fingerlings like to be in groups, place it next to another Untamed Ferocious Fingerling and see how they talk and react to each other!  

Bonus for us parents if your child does not turn them off after use they go into sleep mode and you need to flick the switch on and off to bring it back to life. Not only does it save battery but also you won’t be hearing the noise of the Untamed Ferocious Fingerlings long after your child has finished playing with them!


Check out my Youtube video here where I show you how they work!


What do the boys think?

They love them! I’m actually really surprised at how they both like playing with them differently!

Liam likes to play role play with his Untamed Ferocious Fingerling, he likes to pretend it’s his pet and look after it, putting it to sleep, pretending to feed it.

Ethan likes to make the Untamed Ferocious Fingerlings angry and watch them chomp. He loves to hold them upside down to create a reaction. Clapping and loud noises make the Untamed Ferocious Fingerlings make funny noises and Ethan loves that! They both love to sit them next to each other and watch them chat away in T.rex language!

These retail for £16.99 but currently on sale for £14.99 at Smyths Toy store.

They are aimed for children 5+, Liam is 3 Ethan is 6 and they both love them for different reasons.

Would I say its worth the money? Yes, personally I do, especially when on sale. The fact you can play with the separate and together is a bonus!

These would make the perfect stocking fillers and gifts for Christmas!

Keep an eye out on my socials over the next few weeks were I will be doing a giveaway a New Untamed Fingerlings

What do you think of the Untamed Fingerlings? Would love to know your thoughts on them in the comments below!

33553598_10156228153972660_3258607072048054272_n** This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own and not influenced in any way! Items have been gifted **


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