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July & August Favourites oh & September & October | What an earth has been going on?! | Pt1

Brace yourselves babes! It’s a long one!


I’m so sorry I’ve been so pants recently, I know I keep saying.. but come September things WILL improve, from those of you who are new, and not sure what I’m talking about. Just quickly recap I haven’t been too well health-wise, having lots of tests done regards to my thyroid and potentially some other diagnosis’s.

Come September (when your probably reading this) Ethan will finally be in a school and Liam will doing three full days in nursery = mama can have some time to work on what I love doing the most, chatting, filming and interacting with you guys!

July, we had my 26th birthday! I was spoilt had a lovely time with friends and family! I was asked to do a “what I got for my birthday” like last year but honestly, I was gifted a lot of money and had my Dyson hair dryer along with some other little trinkets. Flowers, cake, candles, perfume and gift cards! I’m so appreciative of everyone who gifted and sent cards and well wishes!

These past 2 months have just been crazy busy!

August, we had my dad’s birthday, I had a few exciting Blogging events to attend to one being the Body Shop.

I and the husband had a lovely night away in Birmingham which was well needed! We did a little shopping and enjoyed a lie in! ( such a parent thing to say)

We had family down which I loved!

I had a close friends baby shower which was so so lovely and exciting and maybe made me slightly broody! We have also been prepping and getting ready for Ethan to finally start school in September which is exciting.

So let’s get into it….. 


Life took over! Like where have the past 2 months gone… thinks we’re meant to change and improve… I keep telling myself things will change and improve, and yes that is a good way to think but I have learnt over the past few months to appreciate every day as it comes, I will have good days and bad days but to take it as it comes as you never know what’s going to come round the corner and smack you.

So September, Ethan’s doing amazing at school, we have upped Liam’s days by an extra 1 as he was kicking off every morning begging to go to nursery! He’s so ready for big school! We got the worst cold like flu I think we have all had, all of us were super ill.

We lost our grandad in October (mums dad), that came a bit of a shock to us and obviously quite rightly knocked us for 6. It was also the day before mums birthday double whammy there. Its never easy losing someone you love.


But were in November now! I’m drawing a line under all the negative stuff, I feel like I’ve learnt so much. I’ve got closer to the family which is always lovely, I have been shown who really stands up and is there for you when times are pants. I’ve written a list of positive goals for the next few months and things I feel grateful for over the past bad months.

Always look for the positives amongst the negatives!

We are only here a tiny amount, I do not want to look back when I’m older and be like Saff why and earth did you let them life things affect you in a negative way!


Its scared me like literally scared me how fast this year has gone, the months are just vanishing and life really is to short for this.

Ethan turns 6 this month… I will have a 6-year-old like seriously?!


Reminding myself every day –

Make more time for yourself Saff

Listen to music it instantly makes you feel happier

Its ok to have bad days, hours, mins, turn it around appreciate each day!

Make more time for the people who properly care about you and clear out the negative ones!


If you made it this far, you’re an absolute babe as I know it’s a long ramble post for me!

Part 2 will actually show my favourites!

 I bloody love you!



2 thoughts on “July & August Favourites oh & September & October | What an earth has been going on?! | Pt1

  1. Saf, I think you do amazing and very wise words You know what I have gone through and it does make you appreciate what you do have not what you don’t have. Live life to the full, it’s not a dress rehearsal! Your Mum would have been so proud of you and the family. Hope to catch up with soon. Lots of love Fiona xx

    1. Fi, such a sweet message thank you so much! Your words mean alot! You are one of the strongest people we know and you should be so proud of yourself. Would love to catch up its always long overdue so much to fill you in on, lots of love Fi XXXX

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