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Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer | Is it worth the hype? | Review & First Impressions

My birthday feels like ages ago now, but I was lucky enough to have been brought the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer. I promised I would let you guys know what I thought!

You beauts know I have super long, thick, frizzy hair. For ages, I had been moaning about how pants my hair dryer was, and how it takes me forever to dry it enough for it to not be soaking wet for bed. Well, who knew Luke was actually listening and taking in my complaining. I would never have thought in a million years he would have brought me one! Like come on it is A LOT for something that dry’s your hair…


He picked out the perfect colour, I wouldn’t have picked any different. It comes in this lush leather box to keep it safe with a heat mat and strap. It also came with 3 head attachments.

A smoothing nozzle designed to dry and style your hair at the same time with gentle air flow preventing frizz

Styling Concentrator which is great for drying and styling your hair 1 section at a time.

Diffuser, this is great for you curly haired angels! It helps to spread the air and heat around your curls reducing frizz!

First time using the Dyson Supersonic!

Ok, so I was expecting a lot!!    

I had read a lot of reviews beforehand on the Dyson Supersonic and every one said how amazing it was, I was sceptical. A hairdryer is a hairdryer, right?

I was so wrong, its amazing it dried my hair crazy crazy fast! Like never before, to the point when It looked really straight! It felt silky and shiny and looked so much healthier. Normally I would look like a ball of straw like frizz! This cut my having to use hair straighter time in half, so now I use far less heat on my hair. 

Super chuffed with it! Its mega light and isn’t as loud as my old hair dryer. Every time I have used it since I’ve been so pleasantly surprised with how it’s working. I let my hairdresser have a play around with it and she was also so surprised by how well it worked, she commented on how light it was to use and how it didn’t ache her arms at all!!


Things I love about the Dyson Supersonic

•    Has easy adjustable heat and pressure settings

•    You can’t  get your hair sucked up the back like normal hair dryers

•    It is sooo light weight and compact! 

•    It dry’s my hair crazy fast.

•    The sleek look and feel

•    All the heads are magnetic and clip on and off super easy

•    Has a handy indicator to tell you when the filter needs a clean (not experienced that yet)

•    Comes with a 2-year warranty

One negative and its nothing to do with the hairdryer itself but… the case it comes in, I wish it had room and space to keep all the heads in, they just don’t all fit. I have to store my diffuser somewhere else and the two nozzles I do like just about squeeze in.

This hair dryer is like an investment for me… I’m hoping to spend less time drying my hair, fewer products repairing my hair from damage meaning fewer trips to my hairdresser (not that I went all that often) more confidence as I’m finally happy with my hair after I wash, dry and style it!

I would recommend this to anyone! Especially if you’re like me!! If you would like a video or a comparison please let me know, or if you just want to ask me a question!

Do you think the Dyson Super Sonic is worth the price tag?




2 thoughts on “Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer | Is it worth the hype? | Review & First Impressions

  1. I LOVE my Dyson hairdryer so damn much! My mom bought me mine for Christmas last year and it’s been such a game changer since then. My hair takes shorter time to dry and it definitely looks in better condition since using this hairdryer too!

    Have you seen the new styling dryer they’ve brought out? I think I may need it in my life. 😛

    1. Thanks so much for your message hun, isn’t it amazing I’m so glad your also benefiting from this magic!! Omy yes it looks amazing!! One for the Christmas list for sure!! xxx

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