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Hello Beautiful

I was kindly invited to attend an evening at At One Day Spa beauty in Birmingham, looking at the treatments and skin care they had on offer in there spa.

It was a lovely event with a lovely bunch of women and gentlemen. We got to have our face analysed in a special machine which tells you what sort of damages the sun is doing, breakouts, dry skin and wrinkles. This gives you a unique plan to find out what products from the Thalgo range would best suit you and your skin.


Thalgo is a luxury beauty brand that sounds absolutely amazing, it’s like nothing I have heard of before. They work very closely with your skin designing you your very own personalised routine that works to treat the areas you’re worried about and want to improve. They have a product for everything… what ever problems you have with your face or body there’s something there for you to try.

What I love is that you can go back and check on the system how your face is improving to the products recommended. There are levels of treatment to, so they start you at the lowest level and as your skin improves and gets better you get to go up in the levels. This is fab as it means your skin can continue to improve and change.

While we were there we were treated to a hand massage using some of there products, my hands were left feeling so soft and fresh it was lovely.


Sooo many people are getting their lips done, it really is the trend. Although it’s not something I would be up for doing myself a lot of my friends have and I can completely understand the attraction to it all! We watched a live Demo where Dr Bajwa showed us how she doses them. Now I’ve seen it done before when I’ve been with a friend to hold her hand but it interests me how different people do it. Be sure to check out my vlog from the evening events to see the demo and what other fun things we got up to that evening.


Would you ever consider lip fillers? What are your problem skin areas? I would love to know in the comments below!





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