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Style Freedom | Hair Care | Review

My hair is something I am always trying to improve and make better. I have long, thick, frizzy hair that I often describe as being like Hagrid hair. When Style Freedom sent out these beauty’s I was super excited to give them a try, at the moment I’m really lacking hair products I love!

Dry shampoo!! If you’re a long-time reader, or you just know me, then you will know that I wash my hair MAX once a week, now some will think its gross but actually my hair looks great after 7 days, I don’t get the greasy dirty look until later on (unless its the time of the month), if anything after 7 days it looks dry and flat… read more about my hair, hair care tips and tricks here & here


Anyway, so dry shampoo Is a massive love of mine, I like to use it a couple of days before I am due to wash my hair to give it volume and if I am looking a little greasy to soak up any of those oils. Dry shampoo I have used in the past leaves a mass of white powder and can be a pain to brush out, also it hurts my hair follicles… is that a thing? It makes them sore and ache… weird I know.

Style Freedoms Dry Shampoo has been amazing!! It gives me great volume at the roots and gets rid of any oils. It doesn’t give me horrid white roots or make my scalp sore. I love how fresh it smells and leaves my hair feeling clean!

Hairspray I find is an absolute faf to try out, they all say the same thing on the bottles, and you struggle to know what will actually work. When I saw that there was a Style Capture and a Workable Hairspray I literally said YES out loud!

This is what I have been looking for!

Workable hairspray… what it says on the tin! It holds your hair in place gently, great for when I curl my hair and I’m working in sections, I love that it has UV protection and it smells so nice! Not your typical hairspray smell. I love that you can brush it out and re style again if you mess up. 

Style Capture is an extreme fixing hairspray! I loveeeee this for my classic slick back high pony look! It keeps all my baby hairs and flyaways in place nicely, adding shine. It helps to give and keep the volume of my pony. I love how it has vitamin b6 in it which helps boost shine. It’s just great for your hair. Also, super easy to wash out.

Using heat on my hair and with it just being super frizzy I’m always looking for oils and potions that can help the condition of my hair. I love the Rejuvenating Vitamin Oil. It contains Argan Oil which we all know is amazing for your hair. It also has vitamins A & E in it.

This magic in a bottle has soo many benefits, it protects and strengthens your hair, boosts shine, UV protects to name just a few. Honestly, have noticed such a difference in the condition of my hair since using this on wet hair before I dry and style.

Everyone wants volume!

Sexy Hair Potion! Volume in a bottle! This stuff is lush, I like to spray this into my roots before I blow dry my hair. It’s great to spray through your hair when wet if you’re going to give yourself a bouncy blow dry or use curlers. Love it!

Oh, I forgot to mention I think the packaging of these are so lovely, the scents are all lush and overall really impressed with Style and freedom, I can’t wait to try some more of their products!

Would love to know, what are you favourite hair products?

33553598_10156228153972660_3258607072048054272_n** All items were kindly gifted, all opinions are my own and not influenced in anyway **




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