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26 Today!! | Things to do before I’m 27! | Throw Back Pics

It’s my Birthday!!! I am feeling so great full for all the amazing people I have in my life right now, and for all you beauties who have wished me a happy birthday sent cards and well wishes. Feeling super happy and loved today!

You know I’m weird and wonderful, I wanted to do a list of things I want to achieve and focus on before I turn 27. I thought it would be something nice for me to look back on over the year and give me inspo. Yeah, some of these are odd and random, but hey it wouldn’t be my list if it wasn’t!  


Have my first Wagamama’s

Make more me time!

Try Sushi

Do an Escape Room

Go freelance full time

Learn to drive & pass

Visit Bath

Visit Brighton

Up my YouTube game!

Hit 10k on Instagram

Hit 1k on YouTube

Go on a weekend away abroad

Get Healthier

Start up a new hobby

Learn a new skill

Read more

Start singing again.

Get flexible again.

12th Birthday

Me 16 Louis 14 & Mum
13th Birthday

Keep an eye out for my blog post, what I got for my birthday, one that’s always so requested!

What thing on the list would you choose to do?




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