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Auntie Anne’s UK | Making Our Own Pretzels | First Impressions

Friday 13th July Me & Emily from Drained Beauty were invited down to West orchards in Coventry to spend a morning with Auntie Anne’s.

Now I will be honest with you beauts when I was asked to come down to try out some pretzels I thought, gosh I’m really not a fan of them! What won me over was the chance to make our own, I’m always up for a challenge and couldn’t wait to have a go at the impressive knot design.

When we arrived at Auntie Anne’s I was surprised to what the pretzels looked like… they weren’t the dry, crispy thin things you get in packets from the snack section in the supermarket.. they were thick and doughy, the smell was amazing. I always thought pretzels were like crisps! Yeah how wrong was I.


We first had a demonstration on how to make the signature pretzel knot, I was first up to try.


You know me! I’m super creative and into making stuff but my gosh it was hard! We had to weigh the doh and roll it into a long sausage shape using the template on the table. We then needed to do this swing and cross over motion to create the knot in the air before it landed back down on the counter. The lovely girls made it look effortless! There was a template to help mould the shape, I couldn’t even get mine close. I didn’t get a photo of mine, it ended up being a ball of mess, I cut mine up and made them into the bites!


We were then shown how to cook & bake them and when to add in the ingredient’s, they added either sweet or savoury. This baffled me a little I am one of these that will have sweet pancakes and don’t like the idea of savoury.

The lovely girls brought out a selection of sweet and savoury from there menu. I reached for the bacon and cheese first, my first taste of proper Pretzels!

AMAZING!! Why have I never tried these before?!

The taste reminded me of a soft pizza crust so yummy! I then tried the two sweet ones, vanilla sugar & a cinnamon!

YUM, they reminded me so much of doughnuts but tastier, I couldn’t believe how nice they were and how they tasted great as a savoury and as a sweet. Pepperoni and cheese tasted like a yummy pizza. They also do a hot dog style which I know my husband would love!

My favourite sweet was the vanilla sugar, and my favourite savoury being the bacon and cheese.


The texture of the pretzels were soft and warm they were light to eat but filled you up. So good.

We were able to take some home and I couldn’t wait for Luke to try them, like me he turned his nose up at the thought of pretzels. When I showed him he said there not pretzels, for one there huge and secondly there soft, he tried the jalapeno & cheese savoury ( I’m a wuss for spice I can’t handle it ) he loved it! He was also shocked at how good they were and wanted more!

I urge you, if you were like me and think no thanks to the idea of pretzels, try them! In Coventry, the girls are often out with samples for people to try. You will be pleasantly surprised at how yummy they are. I have actually been craving them since Friday! I think I’ve found a new obsession, even better they deliver with Uber eats! So I can get my fix any day of the week without having to make a trip to town! They do the best lemonade as well as frozen slush !!


Huge Thankyou to Aunty Anne’s for having us! I’m super chuffed I can say I’m a lover of pretzels!!

If your local to Coventry check out there Instagram here, for latest offers, competitions and food inspo!




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