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Garden Transformation | Pt 1

Hello Beauts as you know if you follow me on Instagram, we have a lot of work going on in our house at the moment.

We bought our house a couple of months back and since then have been working our butts off to improve and make it even better.

Originally, we were going to start work on the inside of the house first, we haven’t decorated since we moved in, over 4 years ago so we wanted to change everything and add a new look on the house.


We had some lovely days of sun back in May so we thought why not make the most of it and start to tidy the back garden up. I started by painting all our fences grey. Me and Luke chopped all the ivy down off the side of the garage and wanted to tidy up the archway leading to our back gate as it was an overgrown jungle.

One evening when we were stood looking at the work we had done that day we thought, why are we keeping this garage, we don’t use it, it is full of overgrown ivy…. let’s knock it down and gain some garden space.

So we did, we knocked down our garage… us starting this work on our garden spurred on neighbours to do the same, both sides have had their garage knocked down and also a huge huge tree has completely been taken down which we are super chuffed about.


Now the garages are down we could see the space in the back entry. My gosh, it was crazy high, full of stingers and rubbish, someone had dumped a carpet, tv, bin, gate etc down there it was a mess.


We tried to chop it down ourselves, the thorns were so thick and strong it would have taken days, we attempted to have a fire to clear a lot of the waste that had come off the tree, ivy and stingers but again we would have had to be burning It for days, Luke did a solid 4 hours and had hardly made a dent.



So we paid someone to come and strim it all back and take away the green waste.

Now we could see the back entry properly we looked into our deeds of the house and found out we actually owned that part of the land at the back which is madness, we just had to allow so much room for a car to get down if the person on our left needed it to.


We have gained 14foot onto our garden that we didn’t have access to before. It feels huge!!

Next step of the project was to get a shed, me and Luke spent an evening building the shed together, we only wanted a little one to fit things like kids bikes and garden tools.


The tree came down!! It took two days with two tree surgeons. It’s crazy how much bigger our garden looks now it is gone, we have sun in our garden which is lovely and also, we have a great few of the city. We have gained a lot of light in our house. No more pigeons making a mess over our trampoline and garden.


We had our fences and new gate done and now waiting for our neighbour to have hers done.


We absolutely love the space we have gained, the boys are loving it and we have some super super exciting thing planned for the garden!!

Keep an eye out for updates, I will be posting about our first lot of decking we have had!

Guys, it looks incredible I can’t wait to show you!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, do you think we did the right thing getting rid of our garage?



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