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May & June Favourites 2018 | Catch Up

Another monthly favs for you beauty’s!! Ft a little catch-up!

May & June has been crazy like super, sorry I have had to combine these two posts today!! A good 4 weeks have been taken up with poorliness, we had some bad news as a family and lost someone super close to us!

I got food poisoning, and that meant I couldn’t keep my tablets down and that caused my iron to drop and my thyroid to go crazy It wasn’t pleasant, I then ran out of thyroid tabs, so I had to go cold turkey waiting for my tabs to come in. Then finally I got a skin infection from being bitten by mossies and being so run down I have only just started coming of these tablets now! We have had something major happen to our house which I will be telling you all about soon! Sooo many home improvements which are super exciting!

I have been MIA which I am sorry about but finally slowly coming back and getting into the swing of things

Anyway, here are some of the things I have been loving this month!!!

Getting organised! I feel like I’m always trying to improve my organisation skills and I’m the queen of lists!

While having this time off recovering I realised just how much time I was spending on my Instagram, blog and now YouTube. I felt like I had so many ideas, things I needed to do and to plan. Writing stuff down has been just what I need!

Desk planner I recommend one of these sooo much if you’re trying to get organised and plan your week. I got mine super cheap from somewhere like Home Bargains.

This Diary has literally been amazing!!!

*Its so good to help organise you, with places to write your things to do, monthly and weekly targets, along with stickers to help visualise things plus it’s the perfect size to fit in your bag I love it and would be pretty lost with out it now!!


Get Yours Here

If you’re a gamer like me you may have heard of the new PS4 Game called Detroit! I and Luke have been loving it, its such a different concept and reminds us a lot of heavy rain that we played years and years ago pre-kids! Its fast passed at times and every decision you make effects the whole game!

Marriage Games!!

*We recently had a games night around My brother and sister in-laws house and had a great time trying out and playing this new game that was kindly sent to me!

We loved how funny and different the game was, how you work in pairs as a couple and battle it off against the others. What I also loved about this game is you can play it with your partner at home just the two of you, no other couples or people needed! Perfect date night in!


Style Freedom Dry Shampoo!

*This has been saving me while I’ve been poorly!! My hormones have been going crazy and that’s meant my hair was getting greasier way quicker then normally!! This little beauty has been saving the day!! I love the scent and you don’t get that horrid talcum powder look!


 Get You’re here

Obviously we have been loving LOVE ISLAND…

What have you been loving the past few months you know I love to hear from you!

 33553598_10156228153972660_3258607072048054272_n** Disclaimer – Some items have been gifted however all opinions are my own and not influenced in anyway **

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