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BeGlow – Tia | Review & First Impressions

Guys I’ve been too excited to share this with you!!!


Hey, Angel finally I’m writing this post!!

If you’re a long-time reader you will know I love my skin care and am super conscious about looking after our skin and preventing ageing. My mum was super on top of her skin so I guess I learnt that from her from a young age. (Her skin was amazing not going to lie)

I like to cleanse, tone and moisturise, apply face masks, serums and creams!

BeGlow kindly sent me there new cleansing system and my gosh its upped my skin care game!


This little beauty has so many benefits I was shocked when I found out what magic it can do!

* Comes in a cute bag *


I like to apply my favourite cleanser to the brush and apply it straight to my face, the bustles feel lovely and gentle on the skin and distributes the product well.

When I press the button Tia will pulse while I apply my cleanser to help give my skin a deep clean! It clears away my makeup and dirt far better than when I do it with a cotton pad, not to mention its relaxing!

* Like a Spa in my own home *


I love that I can control the pulsing, there’s a steady pulse setting or there’s a setting that changes depending on the pressure you apply to your face!

I have tried cleansing brushes in the past that rotate to give you a deep clean but they have always worried me. The stiffness of the bristles can’t be good and maybe damaging my skin and pores. Hygiene isn’t the best with these either so I end up chucking them after a few uses.

One of the things I LOVE about my Tia is that it has a removable silicone head, so after I have finished cleansing and removing my makeup I can easily scrub it clean and let it air dry knowing it won’t harbour horrid bacteria. Also, the brush head will last, Be Glow recommend you change it every year which is amazing! 

* Anti-ageing *

This is so so important a few people have said to me in the past “but your only young, why do you worry about skin ageing, wrinkles etc” I truly believe when you hit 18 – 20 you need to step your game up and take steps into looking after your skin. I am not a big fan of Botox or fillers at all. Keep an eye out soon for my post on looking after your skin and preventing wrinkles/ ageing.

* Battery life lasts 6 Months *

I was super chuffed to find that my Tia had Anti-Aging benefits.

It has a clever titanium side that when turned on has its own unique pulse, this helps improve the blood circulation in the skin reducing the appearance of pores.

I also like to place it in the fridge to make it cool, feels so nice under my eyes. It makes my under eye bags look and feel less puffy and tired.

I apply my moisturiser with this side for a cooling, refreshing feel.


* Fully Water Proof * 

Dual Pulse Contouring

Now, this last trick Tia has blown my mind a little! Crazy that this little device can do something as good as this!

It contours and lifts your face by targeting muscles, how amazing Is that, I have been using it on my chin and jawline, like a mini workout for your face muscles, who doesn’t want that?

Shop Yours Here  

Video of my showing how I like to use my BeGlow Tia will be up on my YouTube channel! 

Let me know what your current skin care routine is, would love to know what you love using.




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