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Handbag Essentials | Night Out!

Clutch and shoulder bags are so super cute but aren’t always the best at storing your essentials for a night out!

I’ve found the perfect style and shape bag from Soul & Style Shop that goes lovely with loads of my outfits. It fits all my essentials in and more! I love the strap and it sits on my shoulder comfortably unlike some I have. Some of my bags when the bag is heavy the chain pulls making it sore to wear.

The chain on this bag also fits inside the bag nice so you can use it as a clutch.



Like, will openly admit I am strange and a germ freak. I worry so much about getting ill from a night out, people are drunk and don’t clean their hands as well as they should. Sides are gross and the amount of germs flying around is vile! So, I carry anti-hand bac on me at all times. My friends think I’m crazy but better to be safe than sorry!

Lippie! I always carry a top up of my lippy! Espesh when eating and drinking, if it’s an expensive one then I will layer it up before I go setting it with translucent powder. I then just take a cheap lip liner in a similar shade to use if it starts to look patchy.


Again, I’m weird but I freak out at the thought of going to the toilet and there being no tissue! I always carry a pack on me and normally end up stealing a few sheets at the start of the night when the toilets are fully stocked. Obviously, I end up being everyone’s bff when I’m handing out tissues to all the girls at the end of the night!

Chewing gum is my best friend! That is all, it’s with me 24/7



Plasters! You never know when you’re going to need them!

Mini Body Spray! I loveeee Ted bakers mini sprays! There super handy to keep on you and smell lush! They’re not glass either so super light and don’t take up too much room.

Compact mirror always! It’s a nightmare in the girl’s bathrooms to get to a mirror so I carry one on me.

I have super long thick hair and it can get so hot when I’m busting my moves! I always keep a spare hair bobble on me just in case!

Is anyone else a bit weird like they feel comfort knowing they’re prepared for every situation that could come up and If you haven’t got the stuff?

Let me know what items you can’t leave the house without! I have been asked to film a what’s in my handbag video so look out for that soon! 33553598_10156228153972660_3258607072048054272_n


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