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I took the plunge!! | Starting something out of my comfort zone!

I did it, guys! I started YouTube!


I know it’s been a longgg time coming, the number of times I said soon, I will be starting soon. Then of course soon never came.

Life sort of took over and I was putting off what I knew I wanted to do down to self-doubt and insecurity’s

Taking that step was a challenge I had people asking nearly every day when are you starting your channel, I had brands after brands saying we want to work with you but we want you on YouTube and I just squirmed at the thought of that awkward feeling of talking to no one! I had done lives on my Facebook groups but there just like a massive face time with all your friends!

It wasn’t until one of you lovely angels who connects with me on Instagram said to me…

“I can’t wait till your online properly and I can hear your voice and see your face when you’re talking, instead of imagining what you’re saying when I read your blogs”

Not going to lie this made me pretty emosh.. that eve I got online and ordered my camera & things I needed.

About a week later everything had arrived and I just stared at it all like really…I’m really doing this?!

My first few videos were deleted! I hated how I sounded and what facial expressions I was pulling how I looked etc.

Mine and my husband 1st wedding anniversary trip away was coming up! There was no excuse to not film. I wanted to document it for our memory anyone even if it was one big time-lapse I know I needed to put something out there.

The response was amazing and it gave me the buzz to film my first proper sit down vide, Now the balls started rolling from there!

I’ve told myself not to focus on numbers, views and subscribers! I’m doing this for myself. There’s so much pressure out and I’m not going to let that impact me, If I grow then amazing if I stay at the small numbers then again amazing! It’s all a huge journey!


I’m only 3 videos in and I’m improving every time! I’m still not 100% myself and relaxed in front of the camera but I’m getting there just hold out for me, those close have said they can see like the proper me coming through on the more recent videos so I’m super chuffed about that! Ha

I am weird & quirky but there will be other weird quirky people out there that will connect with that I just gotta find them!

I have had a few people say how do they subscribe that they haven’t got an account.. honestly it takes a few moments and then whenever you click on YouTube it saves all of you videos you like to watch so you don’t have to search every time! Let me know if you’re having a struggle with it and I can help you! 

All your support has honestly been amazing, means the world to me and without you lovely’s I wouldn’t have started! If you are someone who has thought about starting something out of your comfort zone do it!!! Like honestly try it.. chat to me online on Insta!


Have you seen my latest video??

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Soooo much love to you all!


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