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A Gift From The Gods Haul! | Cute Gift ideas, Stationary & Beauty!

A Gift From The Gods is an online shop that sells some super lush stationary & Accessories! They were kind enough to send some bits over and I knew I had to show you guys!!

Makeup bags!! I am soo fussy when it comes to makeup bags, my friends will tell you when I go away I carry way-way too much makeup!!


I like a bag that is a good enough size to hold all my makeup plus a little more, but not too big that I fill it with unnecessary what ifs.

This one is perfect, I recently went away and it fitted all my makeup nice a snug so no over packing for me! The Quality is so good being full it didn’t feel like it was going to burst open like a lot I own. I love how it’s wipeable too!

Shop yours here – Cosmetic bag 

I’m always trying to get organised, it’s something I really trying to work on atm! These cute A6 notebooks are perfect for me to keep in my bag and note things down. I often get ideas for videos/posts when out and about and thing ahh I need to write that down to remember but never have a pad with me. Or with being a blogger at social things sometimes it would be super handy to take notes. I love that one has a spiral edge and plastic cover perfect for handbags and the other is perfect for the side of your bed and that’s where I keep mine in case I have any crazy creative ideas!

Shop yours here – A6 Spiral Notebook

Shop yours here – A6 Note Book 


Journals are soo popular atm! I often worry about forgetting random little moments in life and think in a few year’s time would I remember that quirky dream I had… probably not, would I remember that random meal out when this funny thing happened, again probably not. This journal is perfect for witting down things that have happened in the day and document things that have happened.

Also, it would be great to have one to plan your week/days, maybe set your targets and goals!

Shop yours here –A5 Inspiration Journal

I think A Gift From The Gods is the perfect place to find someone you love a gift, I love how they have themes so lots of there items match, perfect for us perfectionist!  

Sign up online for 15% of your order! Also, if you sign up for the newsletter you get a cute little tote bag!! I use mine to carry my tap shoes in!


** All items gifted, I was not influenced in any way to write this post or for my review! These links ARE NOT affiliate *



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