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Hot air balloon ride experience, what its really like?! | 1Year Anniversary weekend away

I am super chuffed I’m able to write this blog post! Me and Luke have been so so lucky to have been able to get on our hot air balloon experience the first time around.

When thinking about what we could do for our 1st anniversary we knew we wanted a romantic getaway. We found a lodge we loved and when looking online at “things to do in the area” hot air balloon experience came up!

So as always super spontaneous and we booked it! It was one of those… ok, what have I got myself into type moment once I had pressed buy.

The date we had originally chosen was Friday 27th April, what a way to start of our trip but it was fully booked… me being me requested they spoke to the pilot and open up a slot on Saturday as that’s our actual anniversary. So they did and we got the lovely Dom Bareford



Travelling down on the Friday the weather was horrendous!! Lucky for us we didn’t get on to Friday nights flight as it was cancelled.

Saturday the weather was lovely the sun was shining but it was super windy! It was very touching and go but we got the go ahead and it was on!! We were so excited!!

The whole experience was amazing

We arrived and I was so surprised at how little the basket looked. How that could hold 12 passengers and a pilot I don’t know!

Luke got to assist in helping inflate the balloon his job was to try and hold down the top end to stop it rising too quick. They described it as playing a game of tug of war that you’re never going to win.

Getting into the basket!!! O gosh you know me boo, I am the clumsiest person you will meet! Getting in was so so hard the basket was swaying and I couldn’t get my feet into the foot holes. Thank you to the poor random lady who shoved my butt to get me in (Luke was still sorting the balloon) Legit thought at one point that I’m going to have to wave goodbye to the balloon!

But I fell in….. was not the most graceful of ways to do it! Luckily, we were sharing with the lovely Ashleigh she made the whole thing look so easy!! Once in we could relax a little! The views were amazing and it was so peaceful. I had it in my mind that it would be super windy but it wasn’t at all, it was like the balloon was still and the ground was moving below.



Such a lovely experience 


When it came to landing the balloon, Dom found a field that looked good, when coming down we had a bumpy landing and ended up tipping over which was an experience in itself and caused lots of laughs. Getting out again… literally no dignity I was pulled out sideways by Luke!


As soon as we got out the basket the rain started, this made tiding away the balloon a challenge but its all part of the adventure!

Back on the minibus we had a champagne toast and received a certificate!

Because it was our wedding anniversary they gave us the parts of the bottle as a little memory I thought it was super sweet the way they describe it as being the balloon, basket and flame.

So worth the money and I would do one again!

If you are to do one, wear sensible clothes and shoes, make sure you have time either side of your slot as things can change last minute and take a coat… this is one thing I nearly didn’t do. In the balloon its warm on the ground each side it was so cold!

See my first ever YouTube video where I spoke about our weekend away and clips from the balloon ride here

Thank you to Dom and the team!

 We brought our experience here

Have you ever experienced a Hot Air Balloon ride or would you?







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