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April favourites 2018

Hello, my loves!! I am back with another monthly favourites. These seem to be coming around so quick! We had Easter!!! Yes I know that feels like ages ago now!


This month has been good! It’s been crazy busy as always and I loved the bit of sun we had. You guys seem to love knowing my random monthly favourites and obsessions! I love telling you so thank you always for the love and support! 


Firstly, one of my favourites, how cute are these earrings from Soul & Style Shop !! I bloody love them they give me such elegant vibes when I wear them! Love a statement piece of jewellery and these will be perfect to rock these summer months!

earings and rings


Soul & Style Shop. Shop yours here – Enter code SAFF10 at checkout for 10% off 


I’ve been really trying recently to think about my health and these have been a lifesaver for me.


I very recently found out I wasn’t consuming enough calories or eating enough throughout the day! In the day and struggled to look for Healthy Snacks. With being diagnosed with these health issues (if you didn’t know read this here) I have struggled a lot with feeling weak, dizzy and seeing stars. These Fibre bars have been so handy to keep on me! I will explain in more detail… so look out for my post coming very soon! This has become a firm favourite in our house!

But honestly try them! There lush… filling too!!

fibre one bars

 Ted Baker

These Ted Baker sprays have been so handy for me I keep one on me where ever I go, they’re perfect for beside your bed, handbag and car. I’m one of these that has to smell nice or I panic. If I can’t smell perfume on myself then I feel naked. I blame my mum for that trait, she was the same.



Candles!!! You know me boo, wouldn’t be a favourite if i didn’t have a candle to show you.

I have been burning these candles from Happy Chic Boutique nonstop recently, there so relaxing and have a lovely Jasmin Scent. Soy-based candles are amazing as they burn for so much longer than normal candles and have none of the hidden hard chemicals. 


Happy Chick Boutique. Shop yours here – Enter CODE10 at checkout to get 10% off  


So, the weather has been amazing!!! Refreshing drinks have been my favourite thing in the evenings since the sun decided to show. Soo many of you on Instagram watched my storeys and DMed to ask what was in them!



Lime and lemongrass cordial mixed with soda water… throw in some frozen fruit and chopped lemons and limes and my gosh it’s tasty! Perfect for these hotter evenings and has no alcohol! They look like you have made lots of effort too! Will definitely be busting these out at the BBQs this year!

As your reading this I will be on my way home from our 1 Year anniversary trip away!!

Keep an eye out for exciting posts here and on Instagram where I tell you all about what we got up to!

I may even have vlogged it!!

Did you see my last favourites post? Check i out here!


As always, I love knowing what you Angels have been obsessing over, what are your monthly favourites?! Let me know boo!




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