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Money Saving / Making Tips! | We bought a house!

Eeek we bought a house this month!!! It hasn’t properly sunk in yet! We are so happy and proud that we have finally got on the ladder. At 25 & 27, Married with two children and now a house… I don’t think we’re doing too bad! We bought the house we are living in so there’s no big move, but you will see a lot of renovation type posts online as we document it all!

We are changing everything!

We had a new bathroom last year and a new roof not that long ago, but apart from that everything is changing! Right down to windows and radiators (the boring bits).

I’ve had a good few of you ask, How Saff have you managed to get Married and then buy a house less than a year later, on top of still having nice things?!

There is no secret, no dramatic answer apart from me and my husband work hard and are “clever” is that the right word maybe savvy, with our money and save.

I wanted to share with you some of our tips that may help you if your saving for something special!

Cashback sites!

These are a great way of justifying to yourself that what your buying is ok… as you get cash back! These are great, I like “Top Cash Back” the best and its super easy to use, search the shop you’re wanting to buy from online and then click the link and it takes you straight to the website.

Make sure to place the order through the direct link or it doesn’t count. It takes a little while to process but so far we have had no problems. See in the pic my account from Feb, every penny counts and adds up. Think of it as a mini savings account and you were going to buy the items anyway right? Sign up here and we both benefit! 


Girl you need to shop around

Leading on from cashback sites, discount codes will be your best friend.

So what I do say if I want an outfit from somewhere like boohoo, I will hold off until the weekend to order (if it wasn’t urgent) as most companies have special discounts or offers over the weekend like delivery for £1 which will save you a couple of quid just for holding out.

Before I place the order, I will check my email inbox to see if I have been sent any discount codes (just search the name and check junk).

Its takes minutes!

If not I will then have a nose online like Facebook or Twitter as sometimes people have put a comment on their recent post saying “if you use the code **** you will get 15% off” lastly I will look on google, I just type in “discount codes boohoo April 2018” and then try some of them out.

Yes, it takes a little time, but for 10 mins you could save money on postage, % of the total and then cashback! Honestly, the feeling when you know you have got a bargain is so good!

Food / House Hold Stuff!

Were all guilty of wasting food, it drives me crazy having to throw things out. What we do is plan meals, and I shop online. This way I can see what’s in my basket, what the total is and are less likely to buy things we don’t need. You can also get cheap £1 delivery if you order a day or so in advance and avoid having it delivered over the weekend! Planning your meals means fewer trips to corner shops where items tend to be more expensive with more temptations to spend.

When shopping, if you see something on offer buy in bulk. Me and Luke do this a lot! We have a couple of cupboards we call the overflow where we keep things we have brought on special buys, like mayo we have about 4 bottles of the stuff. It was cheap and I’m glad we have as it’s gone back up to full price. Nappies, wipes, crisps, packet pasta are all the sort of thing we stock up on when they’re on offer.



There a great way to cut back and save unnecessary spending! I like to challenge myself to use things up in the cupboard, fridge, freezer and make random quirky meals we wouldn’t normally have. Get creative!!

Do a date night, day trip, movie night in on a budget check out my past post here for ideas. 

Family night on a budget!

Money Boxes!

Standard really but get into a habit when you come home to chuck any loose change in and leave it, let it sit there and build up! You will be pleasantly surprised.

Manage your accounts, get a separate account for saving. Name it Wedding fund or whatever it is so its visual. You can watch that money grow and feel like your achieving something.


Maybe set up a direct debit every month. Work out how much you could afford to be without each month and arrange for that to be sent across the day you get paid so you don’t miss it.

Look into your bills, are you paying for things you don’t use? Call up your providers and see if they can do anything to your bills to bring them down. Threaten to leave that normally works and they may apply a discount.

Treat Yo Self

Set budgets, if your someone like me who likes to go out and buy trinkets doesn’t cut that out your life altogether, set yourself a budget then you won’t feel so bad. The same with treats and takeaways. Plan a night in the month your going to have a takeaway and budget for it.

Apps and online help

There are so many apps you can get that help with budgeting and saving money, please be careful make sure they’re legit but I have known of a few people who use them and have said they have helped make a big difference.

Sell your unwanted things!

Have a good clear out, I bet there’s something in your house you no longer use, need or want that you could make money on.

We are always finding little bits and things to sell, clothes is a good one their lots of great apps like eBay, Schpock where you can sell your items and make some money.

I hope these tips can help you save money! Let me know if your saving for anything special I would love to know.

Would you like to see more of these money-saving type posts? Let me know beauts!


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