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How I cleaned my house in record time! | Spring Clean | Norwex Review

Spring is here, it may not feel like it I know! Last weekend I had a mammoth Spring clean, the type my husband is just like how Saff?

We all know especially if you’re a parent to either children or pets that it a choir cleaning, let alone when you have the muddy and sticky fingerprints that seem to get everywhere to clean too!! This is a job I put off… I mean who cleans their walls, doors, skirting boards, kitchen cupboards, mirrors and windows every day?! I certainly don’t have time to, gosh I wish I did!

Stickers & Crayons are the banes of my life when it comes to cleaning, oh and all the bloody Cherrios. Those buggers get everywhere!

Recently I was kindly gifted some cleaning tools, claiming they would make my job easier using fewer chemicals and waste = less money, better on the environment and our health. Win Win really!

I’ve always been so sceptical with things like this when the lovely Anna said “you will also be able to take off a full face of makeup using just our cloths, no product needed” I knew I had to try this brand for myself!

Spoiler alert

*You need these in your life*


I don’t even know where to start, I love them all, like truly never going to use another style of cloth again!

You guys know I’m a complete germ freak. My family will tell you how I freak over using cloths. My normal habit is to get through a role and a half of kitchen role cleaning just the bathroom its self.

And a tone of chemicals, my skin gets dry, I sneeze for the rest of the afternoon and always end up getting bleach spray on my skin and clothes ruining them.


Anna sent over the “Household Package” this has, an enviro cloth, window cloth and dusting mitt.

Firstly, I wet the enviro cloth fully and wrung it out so it was damp, I used this on all my walls, doors, furniture downstairs to get rid of sticky fingerprints, scuff marks, windowsills etc I was pretty amazed by the amount of dirt it removed and kept inside the cloth. I’ve used micro fibre clothes before and they just end up getting gross and leave fibres behind. I rinsed it out and took to my mirrors and windows followed by the window cloth to polish. At this point, even my husband was shocked our windows and mirrors have never looked so good and it took seconds. The purple cloth polished everything up so well.

Using the blue mitt I dusted all the sides down, picture frames etc and unlike most cloths, the dust falls off as your moving it this kept all the dust in one place using static.

The environment cloth gets rid of grease amazingly on my cupboards built up from cooking.

I used these same clothes in the bathroom to clean my shower screen around the edge of the bath and mirrors! Honestly amazing.

I will still use chemicals like Dettol to clean my sides down and bleach in bathroom but that’s personal preference and I won’t be using those chemicals with the cloths.

*Tested to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface with only water*

“Our Bac Lock antibacterial agent – Micro silver in the wet cloth self – cleanses within 24hours to drastically reduce mould, fungi and bacterial odour. Your clothes and towels stay cleaner and fresher longer.”

Washing them is so easy too, no chemicals none of your shop brought powders just hot water, I washed mine in Norwex Ultra Power Plus and they came up lovely and fresh.

The microfiber used in the products has been made from recycled products!

Right, let’s chat about the Makeup cloths!

So you all know what I’m like with my makeup! When I go out I do apply a lot of glitters and that is a nightmare to remove! I went out last weekend had a couple too many and fell asleep in my makeup! Yep, classy Saff! The next day I woke around 10 (husbands a star letting me sleep) and my face looked pretty much the same as when I fell asleep. Minus the lip!

That kinda shows how fixed in place it is! To remove my makeup I normally use 20+ cotton pads soaked in micellar water or Liz Earles cleanse and polish which is super messy but gets the job done, but both leave my face feeling a little delicate from all the scrubbing and that can’t be good for my skin.

I was also sent the “Makeup removal cloth set” you get 3 in a pack and I used two to remove all my makeup right down to mascara… only two and just water *mind blown*.

They feel like suede and it’s such a weird concept to get your head around but honestly…! I soaked them in water and squeezed out the water so their damp and then removed my makeup. No harsh chemicals, no cleansers, no waste from cotton pads! They left my skin feeling so soft. Let me know if you would like to see me do a live video demonstrating how they work. I’m so shocked but also super chuffed I have found something!

The body cloths are amazing, also great for removing makeup, but there fab at cleaning the body and exfoliating your skin too. My skin is left feeling so soft and lush after using them.

Norwex has some other amazing products and things I want to try now! Every cleaning tool you could image, they do beauty products too.

I have some samples of their Radiant eye cream, Day cream, Facial serum and Antigravity night cream that I will be trying out and letting you know my thoughts on Instagram!


Anyone local to Coventry and know Fargo village Anna will the there this Saturday 14th showcasing some of the Norwex products!




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