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March Favourites 2018 | Things I have been loving!!

I can’t believe we are well into April already, I’m sure I say that every month! March, we have been celebrating little man turning 3! We have had party’s and day trips out it’s been a great month for spending time with family.

It’s been hectic and so many unlucky, random things have happened! It’s comical looking back on it! A few of you have mentioned you would like me to start sharing story time type posts about what random antics we get up to honestly you couldn’t even make it up it’s just madness. Please let me know If this is something you would like to see!!

Let’s chat about some of my faves this month!

Aldi Aldi Aldi

You have stolen my heart with the new “Jo Malone” inspired fragrances!


There amazing, like truly lush! I have been panic buying and stocking up just in case they sell out! I have tried the perfume, room spray and hand & body lotion.

They smell amazing not to mention the packaging is so lush!

I blame Katie another blogger I found on Instagram, for my now unhealthy addiction… cheers boo! She showed it on her insta and I was like NEED!!

Get your buts down to Aldi you won’t be disappointed.

 On the topic of “Jo Malone” inspired this next beauty made me instantly think of the classic high-end candles



How elegant is this candle kindly gifted to me from Serenity by Flora not only does it look lush it smells insane! The scent is so strong and lingers in the room well after I’ve blown it out.

Have a nose at what other sense Serenity by Flora dose there’s so many I need to get my hands on check out her insta

If you follow me on social media you will know I have been obsessing over this hand cream! It’s a gift from the gods it really is! Check out my blog post here to see why I have been loving it so much!



My gosh! I am so hooked! I have rediscovered them and now addicted! Send help

My cute Peg Board is from Asda living! I’ve had so many lovely comments on it! It’s ace! Comes with loads of pegs and looks super cute hung on the wall and in photos!



Gyspy pants, I used to live in these when I was younger, especially when I used to do dance A level they were so comfy and easy to move around in. Well, iv rediscovered my love for them all over again. Being a mum and at home so much I don’t always want to be sat in leggings. These are perfect as there so super comfy, look tidy and are easy to wear!

I get mine from ASOS

I would love to know what you have been up to this month and what products you have been loving!






*This is not a sponsored post. Thank you to Serenity by Flora for the kind gifting*

2 thoughts on “March Favourites 2018 | Things I have been loving!!

  1. Oooooo I’ve got to get down to Aldi! I’ve never tried the Jo Malone fragrances bc of the price point but maybe this is the time I get something similar!
    Jas xx

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