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Mother’s Day 2018

The one day that’s dedicated to the most important women in our lives, whether that’s your Mum, Grandma, Aunty… basically, any women who have had an impact on your life in some way today is for them.


This post is a hard one for me.


I don’t think a lot of you guys know this, it’s not something I shout about on social media and there’s no real reason for that other then it’s just not something I have openly spoken about.


We lost our mum 9 years ago this year, I was 17.


Understandably occasions throughout the year leave a little sting behind, more so Mother’s Day for me this year.


All the what ifs go around your head. Mum was truly my best friend.


I’ve been thinking a lot what I would get my mum if she was still here. What would she be into, there’s so many brands and products she hasn’t tried and so many things she would have loved that she has missed out on.


Now I’m older and it’s not all about going shopping with my dad and brother to find something, homemade cards and breakfast in bed. Like now I am a mother myself and can appreciate even more what us mamas do I could really truly spoil mum. It frustrates me that that was taken away from me I guess. I was at the age she would spoil and look after me and I don’t really feel like I’ve been able to do that in return.. you know what I mean.


What I would off loved to maybe of got my mum.. 


Beauty and skin care! I would have loved like so much to treat my mum to some luxury skincare or beauty products. This is something I know she would off love, even more so shopping with each other to choose them! It must be where I get my passion for it all from!


Coffee lunch & shopping trip!

This is something I know me and my mum would love to do together! We used to love girl time and shopping. Quality time is the best time. We would walk around holding hands… yes at 17 I still held my mum’s hand!


My mum was so into her consoles and games again it must be where I get that little side of me from too! So no doubt I would get her some sort of console game.



My mum was a Channel No7 kinda gal! She loved her perfumes and would say she felt naked leaving the house if she didn’t have any on. The number of times we had to pop into boots or Debenhams for a cheeky sample!

Side note, its been so weird writing “was” even after nearly 9 years!


Movie and Snappy Pizza night in!

Mum loved nothing more than family time together once a month we would have a takeaway and sit and watch a film the 4 of us.


Gone out for drinks!!! My gosh, this is something I wish I could experience! My parents are so down to earth and amazing I would have loved to have gone out with the pair of them and my brother of course and had a few drinks, dance and a laugh.


Whatever you decide to do for your loved ones, make sure you hug them that little bit longer and tell them you love them!


What I would do to have cuddles with my mum!


Sorry, it’s been a super random all over the place post! I just felt like I needed to get what was in my head down for you guys.

Let me know what you have got planned for Mother’s Day. I hope you have a great time with family. I know I will have a lovely day with my two monkeys, husbands working so we will have a chilled one!




4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2018

  1. Hi Saf
    That was heart felt written and very poignant. Your mum was a wonderful Mum and friend. She would be so proud of you and your family. Your words brought tears to my eyes but also a smile. I think of her often. Xx

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