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14 Ways to help you sleep | Relax & Unwind

Hello, my beauty’s today we are talking Sleep!! Something the majority of us will admit we’re not getting enough of! We all know how important it is and since I’ve been poorly (check this post here for an update) I have suffered more than ever with my sleep. Here are some things I like to try I hope they can help you too!!

Try to avoid caffeine after 5.00 this can play a major part in not being able to sleep at night. I’m super sensitive to caffeine and can’t have it after 5 or I’m awake all night, my body feels tired but my brains wide awake still, even decaf has some caffeine in it (naughty I know) so be sure to check what your drinking.

Warm hot chocolate or a malt drink like Ovaltine or Horlicks before bed can really help to relax and wind you down making you feel cosy and sleepy! You can get so many different flavours and types!


Hot bath with bubbles and candles is a great way to wind down for bed, its peace and quiet with no distractions like the tv. You can think about your day and relax ready for a good night sleep. Add some Lavender essence to your bath to help make you sleepier.

Stay off social media, tv and games! Try to have half an hour with no telly before bed to have some quiet time and prepare yourself for sleep. Light a lavender candle in your room and watch the candle dance breathing in the aroma before you lie down for sleep. (don’t forget to blow it out of course!)
Reading before bed is a great way to clear your head of all the rubbish and stresses from the day. It makes you focus on something else and often helps to make you tired and relax! Quiet time is key!
Use sleep sprays! These are amazing just spray them on your pillow and they help to make you feel so sleepy and have a good night sleep alternately lavender essential oils can also make a huge difference add it to your bath and your bedroom! You can get candles that have a relaxing smell to aid sleep with your sleep

Sweet Dreams

Play relaxing music and do some light meditation, this has been known to help so so much! There are pillows you can buy with a built-in speaker you can put just by the side of your head. Make sure to set it to automatically go off so it doesn’t wake you.

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We have brought the boys light projectors for there rooms that cost different styles of like stars, the galaxy, northern lights and swirls. They are so relaxing some come with built-in relaxing noises like the ocean and birds singing. There on a timer too so you don’t need to worry about turning them off. I have used them a handful of times where I have struggled to get off to sleep.
Try some sleep creams, lush have a cream out that everyone is raving about


If you worry like me!! I can sometimes struggle to clear my head before I fall asleep, I think of negative things and worry about stuff that is out of my control! If I’m having ones of these nights when in bed I will write down all the things that are bothering me then screw up the piece of paper and try to imagine I’m wiping the slate clean clearing my head and transferring all the worries to the paper then I throw it away. I think of positive things and upcoming events that I’m looking forward to, I try to focus on things I am great full for and what makes me happy while I drift off to sleep.
If your someone who struggles with dreams you can get a spice called sage, it must be the raw kind, not the stuff you buy in the jars. Before bed role an egg shape amount in your hands until its warm and place in your pillow for a great night sleep. Honestly, this works amazingly we have used it ever since we were kids!

Having a tidy sleeping area can make a huge difference in how you sleep! Make sure to keep your room as clutter-free as you can!

Fresh bedsheets!!

Fresh bed sheets are an amazing way to aid sleep! They can be so nice and relaxing. Try a comforter… I can’t sleep without a soft blanket I always know when I’m struggling to sleep that it’s because I haven’t got something soft and warm next to me. Try it.
If all the above fails, try and look at the way your bed is positioned sounds silly a lot of people including myself believe in Feng Shui. Part of it is about the way in which your bed faces can affect the way you sleep. Have a look into the way your room is laid out.
I hope you found some of these useful and that they help you get the best sleep you deserve!
Have you got any tips for me that may help i would love to know?

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