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Valentines Date Night & Gift Ideas 2018

It’s that time of year we all look forward to

PANCAKE DAY I mean Valentines!!

Now I’m not going to lie, me and my husband Luke, aren’t die-hard valentines people and never have been! We should love our loved ones all year round (you know what I’m going to say)

BUT I do think it’s a great excuse to spoil one another and to take a moment in our hectic lives to appreciate our partners.

Last year we stayed in and had a home cooked dinner. We enjoyed each other’s company with no fancy trip out or gifts, it was lovely.

A couple of years before that I got my sapphire ring so there’s really no middle ground with us, I love it that we don’t expect anything, and there’s no major pressure. I’m all for being different. He knows never to buy me flowers on valentines it’s to cliché for me! Any other day I would appreciate them so much more.



If you are someone who celebrates valentines or like us just enjoy making time for each other then I have some great gift and date night ideas for you!

Fancy meal in for two

Lots of supermarkets do a great meal deal for two where all the food is ready to cook. You can mix and match and they normally come with A starter, main, dessert and a bottle. These are a great idea if you don’t want to cook but also don’t want to just get a takeaway. It’s something you can just bung in the oven and relax with a drink while you wait! Set up some candles and it’s the perfect cosy night. Poundland and Home bargains have some lush little valentine style decorations and novelty bits so you can decorate your house.



We picked up these glasses, I just loved the shape and style.

Something personalised!

These prints from Prime Print House make the perfect gift. I think they’re so romantic especially “It all started with hello” me and Luke would both say it literally was like that for us, we knew from the moment we spoke that we wanted to be in each other’s lives. Soppy and cheesy I know but It’s a fact!


I can’t wait to hang these by our bed!


Prime Print House also do personalised designs. You can design your own prints, perfect for gifts as you could put something that’s special to you both maybe the place you met ? The motto to your favourite film?!

*FYI if you like stranger things or harry potter you need to check out there designs *

They have kindly given us a discount code for 20% of in February so be quick quote PIXIEBOWUK here

 Date Night Jar

This idea is perfect if you’re on a budget! Write down on paper or lollypop sticks lots of different ideas for the two of you to do together for date night quality time.

You could put things like:

Candle lit bath and massage, Games night, Movie Marathon. Its a really thoughtful gift and your partner would appreciate the effort!

An IOU planned day trip is perfect if you’re on a budget! Maybe a little weekend away write make a cute voucher describing what it is you would like to do.

My Perfect Date night…

Now I’m going to let you in on one off my most favourite things to do with Luke. Going for late night drives! We very rarely get time away from our boys as a couple. I love going for a long drive getting lost and talking about our future together. Its peaceful and quiet, no distractions like the boys, mobile phones or the tv and we can just enjoy each other and have a good natter! Through in some snacks and personally, I think its perfect!

After all, valentines day is about your relationship so do something together the two of you.

Be sure to let me know what you get up to this valentines!



 ** Thank you Prime Print House for gifting the prints **

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