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6 Ideas for family night on a budget! | 24 days of Christmas 2017 | Day 18

6 Ideas for family night on a budget!

Taking the family out can be expensive even more so over the festive period when money tends to be tighter! Here are some cheaper affordable ideas for family nights at home which can be more exciting and fun for the kids! Why go out in the cold when you can get cosy in your PJs and stay in the warm!

Ice cream parlour

These are super popular at the moment. Desert shops are lovely for a special treat but with a family of 4 at around £6 each a pudding plus drinks it can work out expensive. Why not do your own from home, grab a tub of ice cream, some tasty sauces, treats for on top and have the kids create their own yummy dessert…

Sauces x 2 £2.40

Ice cream £1.50           

marshmallows £0.30

smarties £0.50

plain chocolate for grating on top or melting £0.30

waffles £1.00

pancakes £1.00

spray cream £1.00

all of that for under £8.00 with leftovers for another day!

 DVDs and pic & mix

There are loads of Christmas films on at the moment check on your catch up for ones you may have missed. You can also set up a free trial of Netflix under a new email address (don’t forget to cancel straight away) also look on your local bid up sites for people getting rid of DVDs cheap. Stock up on tasty snacks, most supermarkets do 5 bags of sweets for £1 grab a couple of your favourites and some cups, mix the sweets together to make your own pic a mix!


Games Night

Dig out those old board games or a deck of cards. Why not create your own fun games with the family do a “how well do you know each other” quiz.  Have a nose at this post here for more ideas

Come dine with me

Each family member chooses either starter, main, deserts or drinks and create something fun and different. Keep it a surprise and then rate each other meals. You can also split into teams if there’s more of you. A great game to do with friends, everyone brings a dish, cheaper than going out, no need to find a baby sitter and can be a laugh too!

Afternoon tea / Indoor Picnic

Get out all the cosy blankets, maybe even build a little fort and set up yummy picnic food you can buy cheap stands from places like Home bargains to give it more the afternoon tea feel. Kids will love it and it’s something different. Who doesn’t like picnic/ party food!


Pamper Evening

After a nice warm bath/ shower get into cosy dressing gowns and have a pamper evening, do facemasks, nails, yummy hot chocs or a glass of bubbly (pink lemonade) each person can specialise in a pamper treatment, have someone on message, someone Painting nails. The kids will love it and I bet you have items laying around your house you can improvise with. If not have a look at DIY facemask recipes online.

I hope this gave you some fun ideas of things to do over christmas, let me know what your plans are!



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