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Christmas Eve Box Ideas | 24 days of Christmas 2017 | Day 15

Christmas Eve Box Ideas

Christmas eve boxes are something that seems to have grown in popularity over the last few years! My boys will be 5 and 2 so this will be the first year we do little Christmas eve boxes for them! Here are some ideas for what we might be putting in there’s!

Baskets and gift boxes can be expensive, dig out an old shoe box or any type of cardboard box. Wrap in Christmas paper and you have the perfect box to put all the goodies in

·        New PJs to wear is a must on Christmas eve. It’s something my parents always did for me and my brother so we have continued the tradition!

·        Hot chocolate set! A nice new mug Christmas themed. A sachet of hot chocolate, some spray cream & marshmallows! Perfect! They can enjoy these before bed.

·        New film for us all to watch as a family before an early bedtime. This will help calm the monkeys down a little from all the excitement ready for bed… we hope! 

·        Colouring pack perfect to keep them busy Christmas morning if they wake up at silly o’clock,

·        Treats to eat when watching the film!

·        Bath bomb, lush does some great Christmas themed ones and will help the kids chill out and calm down ready for bed.

* Doing elf on a shelf this year? Why not have your elf bring the children’s christmas eve boxes this year check out my “Christmas Traditions” post here for more ideas * 

·        Book or magazine, for them to read in bed if they can’t sleep. This could help keep them entertained in the morning again. Christmas themed story to read before bed as a family.

·        DIY Reindeer food! Its super easy to make. Mix oats, a little flower and glitter/sequins! Let the kids sprinkle it outside your house before they go to bed!

·        A special bauble for the tree, the kids will love adding a personalised bauble Christmas eve you can get these super cheap (just ask me)! Check out my christmas traditions post to see what one we have this year!


·        Santa stop here sign to put outside the house before they go to bed

·        Santa plate you can DIY one yourself and let the kids set up the mince pie, carrot and treat for Santa.

Let me know if you are doing Christmas eve boxes this year or something else? I love to hear your ideas and traditions! 


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