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Christmas Gift Guide For Her | 24 days of christmas | Day 11 

Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Hello, my loves! We are on day 11 these days are flying by !! Im super chuffed your all loving Blogmas and enjoying the daily Saff chats! Today I wanted to share with you a few quirky different ideas of what you can get the females in your life!


Sass & Belle Hanging Terrarium – £15

I’m obsessed with these and think they are such lovely things to give as gifts. Last year for some family I did a terrarium that has succulent plants in it. I layered up stones, sand and soil to create different dimensions and they looked lush! This year I have brought hanging ones for the house to go up in January. I could fit a little succulent cactus in them, some fake plants or a LED candle. I love the way they change and environment and add character. We now have 7 in our house!! TK max do some lush ones too that a bigger perfect for windows!


Crystabelles Candles £10.00

I was kindly sent the most amazing candles from Crystabelles. These would make the perfect gift for any candle lover like me. What I love about this brand is that all their candles are handmade using Soy wax meaning its safer for your environment and your not breathing in any nasty’s. Because its soya is a slow burning candle which is perfect for me as I like to have candles burning constantly so I often go through them super quick.

Vanilla and Rose Quartz smells so lush I could smell it through the packing. This one is super special as it contains a Rose Quartz Stone that you can get the benefits from when keeping it close to you and feeling its energy. This candle helps aid love and allows the heart to heal. Helps you to self-love and forgiveness something we can all benefit from. Crystabelles do many different of types of stones depending on what you need in your life. There’s a lavender & amethyst candle I am eyeing up to help relax me, reduce stress and aid sleep. These would be the perfect gift for a loved one as you could tailor it to suit their needs. FYI they smell incredible!


Over Christmas, she’s doing some lush Festive style candles! They have glitter in them guys! you know how much I fricking love glitter not to mention they smell amazing! Christmas Cookie is currently what my house smells like! Yum!!!!


Get yours here

Brush cleaner £16.99

Any beauty lovers biggest choir is cleaning brushes! They need a good clean at least once a fortnight to help with bacteria and germs. When washed, brushes need to hang upside down to dry and to help keep the bristles in place. This little gadget I bought from Wowcher is amazing. It has sped up my brush cleaning and drying time so much and for the price, it is so worth it! 


All you need is water, baby shampoo and some antibacterial soap. Spin the brush in the mixture to clean, then spin it in a bowl of plain water to rinse. Hold above the water to spin dry and its done in seconds! It will be dry and ready to use straight away! So If you know a beauty lover I would get them something like this they would defiantly appreciate it!

Get yours here

Copper mules Mug Set £20.00

These lush mugs are perfect for anyone! You can make yummy warm or cold beverages in them. They look amazing on your drinks shelf and make a cute stocking filler! Perfect to pull out at parties as they look classy everyone needs a set in there house.


Get yours here

Gel nail set – Lamp 12.99 Polish £5 ish

Going to the salon for pretty nails can get expensive. Buy your loved one a gel nail kit so they can do it themselves from home. You can buy lush colours and glitters on eBay for super cheap. I’ve had mine for 3 years and still love it! Perfect for those who are trying to grow their nails and keep them looking healthy as gell doesn’t damage them.


Get yours here

House Plants  

Who doesn’t love a good plant?! Plants are so so good for you I really believe they help make the house or workspace a happier place. Bringing a bit of life into the house lifts spirits and gives you a pop of colour. This year I have bought a super cute succulent plant called “ donkeys tails” still yet to find pots for them but will post on my Instagram when I have chosen the perfect home.

Kindle PaperWhite

The best gift that has ever been given to me… like ever! Luke got me mine for my 1st Mothers day and honestly, I would be lost without it. Okay, I don’t read half as much as I would love to but when I do have time / in the mood I know my kindle is always there. I’m one of these that loves the look of books on a shelf but struggle to hold a book and read comfortably. The Kindle Paperwhite is amazing I love how basic it is, no apps or internet to distract you just your books and the store to buy more.

I love that you can get books for free or £1 so it’s super cheap. They also let you download a sample of the first couple of chapters before you buy so you can see if its something you would be interested in reading! Its great that you can adjust the word size, font and colour depending on where you are if your someone that has trouble with their eyes etc I could talk all day to why I would recommend it! perfect for your loved ones who love a good book.


Get yours here

I hope this gave you some good ideas with what you can get the women in your life! Of course, these ideas can be used for anyone. Let me know what you’re getting your loved ones this year!


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