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Christmas Hamper Ideas | 24 Days of Christmas 2017 | Day 10

Christmas Hamper Ideas 

Christmas Hampers make great gifts, there something you can design to suite your friends or family based on your budget. I love how much thought can go into hampers and how exciting they are to give and receive. I hope some of my Christmas Hamper ideas help you when buying gifts this year!

You can find all sorts of cute ways to display your hampers. You can get cute wire baskets. Find a cardboard box and cover in christmas wrapping paper or do a lucky dip bag with shredded paper.

Film Fanatic hamper

A selection of films with different genres tailored for the person. You could choose films based on a certain theme like and actor or topic.

Maybe make a fun quiz for them to do after the films is finished with little prizes.

You could include a Cinema voucher for them to spend with a plus 1!

Know their favourite movie? Find a movie poster and frame it for a cute personal touch

Include film style snacks like pizza, ice cream & popcorn (only put the ice cream in when giving the gift so it doesn’t defrost)

Everything you need for the perfect gift any film lover would appreciate!

Cosy winter night in hamper 

Who doesn’t love a cosy night in? this would be the perfect gift for anyone who loves to snuggle up in front of the fire.

A cosy blanket! Primark do some lush ones super cheap! There honestly amazing!

Fluffy socks, I mean who doesn’t love them!

Large mug

You could include a Netflix gift voucher perfect to catch up on all the best series.

A lush bath bomb, they are the best (providing they own a bath)

A christmas candle to help them get even more cosy.

The favourite snack or chocolate to enjoy

 Mega Treat hamper

Get together all their favourites treats and pile them into one large hamper! Perfect for those on a budget to as you can customise depending on how much you want to spend

Beauty Treats Hamper 


Perfect for the beauty loves!

Find a selection of face masks and beauty products to try. Boots do some great smaller size of things.

Hair masks and oils are lovely to receive as gifts being a beauty lover myself.

Beauty accessories like a flannel, magic makeup remover cloth, headband can be added.

Why not get a beauty box subscription, Birchbox and glossy box make great gifts?

Home Décor Hamper 

A cute little house home décor hamper would be perfect for someone who loves little trinkets and pretty things!

Candles, vases, picture frames the possibility is endless. I know personally I would love to receive something like this. The range have some lovely home wear, I’ve also been loving Asda and Dunelm mill to! Super affordable and a great personalised gift.

Classic food hamper!

A selection of yummy festive treats mixed with essentials! A great gift for anyone. Choose a mixture of essentials like tinned food, cupboard food and then treats like crisps, chocolates, drinks etc.


Let me know if you’re doing a hamper as a gift this year! which out of the above would you love to receive?




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